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As the stock market in general calls and questions almost every portion of a stock portfolio, virtually every investor can start doubting themselves in times of uncertainty and market volatility. An investor at times wonders if the decision made is the right one when a stock was bought. The answer should be rational and should be based on sound judgement. In times of uncertainty, strong fundamental analysis is the key to realise a sound investment and drive gains from the investor’s decision.

With this in mind fundamental analysis is based on:

• The balance sheet.

• The income statement.

• Management success.

• Resource quantification.

• Company ability to drive shareholder confidence and value.

Understanding fundamental analysis and deciphering accounting reports is the key for long term investments. The fundamental analyst will have a keen eye for details, dismissing any emotion short term or long term because it is the fundamentals driving a company forward as the basis of an investment.

Serious investing requires serious analysis. Tracking your portfolio progress should be as important as the investment made. Historical data is important to gauge and understand economic, political and global events that ultimately effect public companies, their financial value and potential future growth.

The fundamental analyst will assess value in a company, be it book value, liquidation value or even a resource strike estimate. Looking at the quality of management and the historical value realised since the company began trading. The success of management to return value to their shareholders is also part of the fundamentals sought. Fundamental analysis involves a lot of calculations being independent of market psychology and emotions.

Whether valuing the intrinsic value or market value of a stock as these may differ immensely based on current market sentiment of the company or even management, fundamentally the market price is the true reflected value as it is based on current worth and is undeniable.

Assuming the intrinsic value is acceptable, the stock value that the market placed on an asset will play a big part towards true value in due time. The key to fundamentals is to find a stock which is near or below it’s intrinsic value for a long term hold.

Learning how to unlock and understand company reports is crucial for any fundamental analysis taken. This will ultimately result in the better understanding of balance sheets, financial reports, resource estimate upgrades and many other information provided by the company during the course of it’s operations, in order for the investor to make a sound decision based on calculations rather than emotion and gut feeling.

By being able to calculate and understand these reports and announcements, having the ability to print the results and date them, you are in control of your investment by referring to historical data collected, hence giving you an overall view of your investment’s progress.

There is continuous demand for strong focus on fundamental analysis of a share market investment, in both small cap, medium cap and blue chips. How does a small cap company make its mark in the corporate world and become heavyweight blue-chip company. Fundamental analysis forms the backbone of any DIY investor and is the key to unlock potential targets, medium to long term.

Stock Fundamental Analyst™ will unlock these key components from company releases in an easy to understand format empowering you to decide with confidence. To further this achievement and become more in tune with your investment, you are also able to compare two similar companies of the same sector for a better informed decision.

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