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One Click Trading.
Finexo Web Trader offers trading on live tradable prices from the Price / Trade panel. Trading on live tradable prices couldn’t be simpler. The One-Click-Trading feature allows you open and closepositions instantly. Once enabled, One-Click trading feature is available for 30 seconds. It will then be disabled again as a safety precaution to prevent you trading inadvertently.
Trailing Stops.

A Trailing Stop is attached to the stop-loss feature. It allows you to automatically adjust the level of your stop loss so that the stop is always a pre-specified distance from the last best market price. Trailing stops that dynamically move your order in your favour until the market reverses.

ForexWebTrader also allows you to open positions using versatile trade orders to:

Market Trade – To buy/sell the currency at the market price.

Entry Order – Opens a trade at future price you specify if hit or breached.

Entry Stop – A type of Entry Order: to buy/sell at a less favorable price.

Entry Limit – A type of Entry Order: to buy/sell at a more favorable price.

Market Order – An order to buy/sell at earliest Market Price
(used while the market is closed.)

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