Uranium Hotting Up.

There seems to be other stocks “Hotting Up” as well.

One of my long termers NWT (ASX Code) gave out a interesting and thought provoking announcement today.

They stated that they were commencing 5 new product launches to their existing satellite product range.These were to be activated in the next 90 days.

The intriguing part of their announcement was that they were going into “partnering agreements with industry experts.” But they do not mention “WHO” they are as yet.

I expect there could be a trading halt or something along these lines very shortly. Before their next announcement.

Whatever happens there is only one way the share price should react and that is upwards.
I can’t see it staying at these low levels for much longer.

Uranium has levelled off recently but looks like things could be warming up once more. this (Incidentally the uranium stock I currently hold is AEX)

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