Three Nice Financial Reports.

Here are three financial reports on three of the stocks currently in my portfolio.

The first is Atlas South Sea Pearls,(ATP) Which is growing from strength to strength. Profit was up by 32%from last year.

The second is Newsat (NWT) which is also showing an improvement of 45.18% Even though this is a good improvement this is still a long term stock.

Thirdly is BQT Solutions (BQT) there was a sales increase of 26% from last year. This is a good improvement but this is still also a long term stock in my portfolio.

The full reports can be found by visiting


The company achieved revenue of $13,022,633 for the full year which is an increase of 32% on the
previous year’s income result. These results show an after tax profit for the group of $2,935,681
which represents an increase of 43% from last year. The company’s balance sheet and cash flow
remain strong with no external borrowings in place.

Hatchery operations and grow out of juvenile oysters has expanded in North Bali and total seedings
at all sites have increased to 380,000 in 2006. Research and development which commenced in late
2004 with James Cook University has progressed well in the past two years.

The company’s final dividend for 2006 of two (2) cents per share was announced and paid in
December 2006 which took the full dividends paid in the 2006 financial year to three and a half
(3.5) cents per share, fully franked.

The company anticipates a strong year in 2007 with further expansion of its operations. We expect
to be able to deliver a higher dividend payment in 2007 than was paid in 2006.

Yours sincerely

Managing Director


Half yearly results for announcement to the market as at
31 December 2006
NTA backing (Net tangible asset backing per ordinary security)

31 December 2006 0.23 ¢

31 December 2005 0.11¢

Revenues from ordinary activities up 45.18% to $7,468
Profit (loss) from ordinary activities after tax attributable to members down 13.80% to ($3,665)
Net profit (loss) for the period attributable to members down 11.02% to ($4,295)

Review & Results of Operations

The 6 months operations and activity to Dec 06 have been both productive and strategically
important. The divestment of Airworks Media and Multie Technology Distribution paved the way
for focus on NewSat. With 100% of company effort focused on a single entity, NewSat is
delivering a world class satellite communications and teleport business.

Revenue from continuing activities increased 45% over the previous half year comparative
period strongly underpinned by the teleport assets acquired in November 2005. Consolidation
net loss was down by 13.8% and significantly negative EBITDA before good will write-off was
down 46% from $2.66m to $1.44m. These reductions are in line with the Boards’ expectations
and evidence a further turnaround in business performance.

NewSat is showing meaningful signs of maturity and is strongly positioned to take advantage of
previous years’ investment. Directors look forward to the next 6 months which promise further


Review of Operations

The Company’s global half-year sales revenue increased by 26% compared to the previous
corresponding period to $1,618,404, reflecting continuing adoption of smart-card based access
control systems, which offer considerable advantages over the current “prox based” systems.

The Company’s decision to expand into the complementary Closed Circuit TV software systems
has broadened the product range and sales revenues from this area are now increasing.

The consolidated loss of the group for the half-year, after providing for income tax, amounted to
$3,137,874 (2005: Loss of $4,173,157) which was impacted by the share based payment
expense (as required under AIFRS) of $990,393 which is the value attributed to the issue of
options to directors, employees and consultants during the period.

The Company’s investment in research and development has continued and during the period an
ATO R&D tax Offset payment was received of over $269,000, which related to the eligible
R&D during the 2004-5 financial year.

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