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The Value of Candlesticks.

When I started out in trading in March 2004, I read Alexander’s “Trading For a Living” and it was the single best book I ever read - not that I adopted much of Elder’s doctrine … consciously … at that time. It was more like lights started to come on.

Elder’s big thing was his explanation of the price bars - OHLC (OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE) - and his Triple Screen method, of which the Monthly/Weekly/Daily charts are a kind of aberration.

All of that just to let you know I do remember what it is like setting out as a newbie … seeing all this charting and wondering if I would ever get a handle on it … let alone be bold enough to begin to read the tea-leaves for myself!

But I persevered … and I did it.

You would not believe how long it took me to stop ignoring candles. I refused to even try to understand them at the time - and until about June 2005. (I would have to go back over my posts on to actually pin-point when the bell rang for me!

BUT - Once I discovered that the candles could actually speak to me in English (and every other language too) I extracted the digit double time, and couldn’t get enough of them.

You might notice I never give a short answer where a long one will fit in!

So to get to your question, there are a couple of sources you would benefit from immediately:

Louise Bedford’s book: “The Secret of Candlestick Charting” is available from - an Aussie bookshop where I purchase a fair number of books. Price: $36.95 + $6.95 postage. Your library may even have it - be surprised if they do not.

(Louise Bedford is a regular contributor to ASXnewbie.)

But I would think if you could afford it (go halves with a mate) drop in to Top$tocks “Loyalty Shop” and select: “DVD’s” and scroll down to “The Secret of Candlestick Charting.” They are presented as a 4-DVD set, a full-day seminar of Chris Tate and Louise Bedford teaching their methods.

Top$tocks sell them (at 5% discount) for $660.25.


Alternatively, if you are willing to work harder and bring yourself up to speed on candles and their reversal patterns on the hop, the “Candlestick Charting Home Study Course” sells from Top$tocks loyalty shop for 5% discount - $546.25.

Other options are to join as a free member and download their FREE charting package. The PRO version is available for 0ne month, and then reverts to FREE mode. (Which is a smaller screen (slightly) plus you get delayed data by 18 hours, and the package is decorated with advertising banners!!!)

I am a full member there, and I have to say that the Incr Charts charting pkg was my single best investment ever for my charting education. It is customisable infinitely … almost … and they are evolving it constantly to add more and more features.

It now has Fibonacci levels, about 160 indicators, and can be viewed as OHLC bars, candlesticks, line charts, Point and Figure charts, Equivolume Charts, and a few others - with every feature interchangeable in most of them (Point and Figure and Equivolume are different and have different abilities to be customised).

Your library, again may have Steve Nison’s book(s) but yes, the Prophit is correct - they are the best - good if you can get your own .pdf and print a copy.

There are other sources of candlestick charts on the Internet, but I have lost the URL, and I didn’t use them - Incredible Charts is quite adequate for me and their forum is littered with examples of candlestick charts so you can see what others are using and how they trade them.

But once you understand the candle reversal patterns (I admit I can not remember their names - I look them up) - you just know it when one sets up, and away you go with that higher probability edge for your trade.

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