Took a good long hard look at my portfolio today and decided to get rid of AEX (What’s the bet it will go upwards now?) and bought some OXR at $2.85 a share.

Great annoucements today, plus is in the process of taking over AGC a Gold producer (Agincourt Resources) which has been approved by AGC.

The reasons why I bought this stock are :-

1. Excellent balance sheet.

2. Good cash flow.

3. Producing gold copper at two mines in Laos. With plans under way for expansion.

4. Producing Zinc/copper at the “Golden Grove mine in West Australia

5. Currently exploring in China and Thailand.

6.Other prospects in the pipeline.

Other good news NWT (see previous posts) went up by 18% today. I feel this is just the beginning.

As to who they are they are partnering up with I still have no definite news.
It is still a waiting game as to how far this stock goes up by or just fizzes out.

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