This was contributed by “Ingot54″ a professional trader who is also one of thepopular contributors to “Topstocks.”
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Renasdad PM’d me and said that he would be happy for Top$tockers to : “Go ahead and try anything you would like to make it better.” (The 1 hour method).

He has been working on the daily charts system, but is constrained (like most of us) by his “real” job hours.

Here is his longer-term system (Daily Charts):

3 Period EMA
5 period EMA
21-period RSI
Vegas Daily Tunnel

After the RSI reaches 70, wait for it to cross back under 70, then look for the 3EMA to cross the 5 EMA.

He did not say, but it is usually the case that trading in the opposite direction can be done, but in this case, you would look for the RSI to go below 30, then look for the 3 EMA to cross the 5 EMA before entry.

Charts not available for daily system, buy Renasdad system (1 hr) can be found here:

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