QuikTrak (QTK) is in my long term portfolio and this article gives you some information on one of their products which they market worldwide.


A recent violent carjacking incident in Sydney has highlighted the need for motorists to review their motor vehicle security.

This is the advice of a leading vehicle security expert at QuikTrak Networks Ltd, Gary Moore, who said there were several lessons to be learnt from the Sydney carjacking.

Two men recently convinced a Sydney doctor to pull over before they assaulted, robbed and forced him into the boot of his late-model BMW. The assailants then drove the car around for 40 minutes before setting it alight. The doctor only narrowly escaped the flames.

“This carjacking should serve as a wake-up call. Anyone can be a victim of such random acts of theft and violence,” said Mr Moore.

“I would strongly urge all drivers to prepare themselves against this growing threat with the best protection available.”

Mr Moore said there are many things drivers can do to increase their safety and decrease the likelihood of suffering injury and vehicle damage at the hands of carjackers.

“Your personal safety should be of the highest priority. A car is just a car and it’s not worth risking your life over, so never resist a carjacker if you are in danger, remain calm and comply with their instructions,” Mr Moore said.

“Note the carjacker’s appearance and escape route, and contact Police immediately when you are out of harm’s way.”

Mr Moore said it is also helpful for drivers to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

“Recognise that carjacking can occur anytime, anywhere. Be especially alert when approaching and exiting your parked car and, when you are driving, ensure that vehicle doors and windows are secured,” Mr Moore said.

“Look out for vehicles and people acting suspiciously in your proximity and leave room around your vehicle to manoeuvre and escape if necessary. If you are asked to pull over, do so only within a well-lit area, preferably where people are around.

“For QuikTrak customers, immediate response can be summoned from our 24-hour Response Centre via Personal Alert buttons specially located in the vehicle, or by phoning QuikTrak after the carjacker has escaped.

“This gives our customers peace of mind; they can comply with a carjacker without hesitation, knowing their vehicle will soon be recovered.”

Once alerted, QuikTrak’s Response centre, which has a direct link to police radio rooms, can advise police of the vehicle’s exact location, disable the vehicle’s engine on police instruction and recover the vehicle within minutes.

For further information on CarWatch and other QuikTrak products, visit www.quiktrak.com.au or call 1300 364 446.

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