Isn’t it amazing how things go better when you do the right actions accordingly to your “Written Down Trading Plan?”and stick to them.

I mentioned after I stuffed up badly, (see past post) that I purchased MLS at 3.9cents and planned to sell when the share price reached 5cents.

Because I had stuck to my trading plan, I had worked out this profit of 25% which = $498.00 profit just after I had purchased them. I then put in my sell order.

They sold today and I had only purchased this stock 0n the 22nd of November (5 days ago)

I usually have a target of around 10 - 15% profit. The reason why I changed this time was because of the stock turnover and the volatility of the stock and that sellers were lining up to buy the stock and outnumbered buyers by 3 to 1.

I then added this stock onto my watchlist where I shall keep a close watch on it in case there is a downturn in price.

This usually happens when there has been some profit taking. So it is wortwhile on a stock such as this to get back in at a lower level and ride it once more.

I have done this a few times, diving in ,making 10% profit and out again till next time.

I always check ALL my past stocks on a regular basis. to see what they up to.You can do this very quickly because you already know their history and the behaviour they have shown in the past. After all who knows your old stocks better than you??

The new stock that I hope to get tomorrow is CSE. Copper Strike is it’s name and it was the best one, after I had whittled my prospects down to around a dozen using my “Trading Plan”
criteria for picking stocks.

Which as I have said before, I will definitely stick to my trading plan like “s##t to a blanket.Because if I don’t I know what will happen. And the memory of that is still painful.

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