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Spring Has Sprung And so did the Market

Spring has sprung and the Market did also, although it only lasted for four days before going backwards again. Hopefully it was due to profit taking. But being more realistic it is usually due to negative news from overseas. It doesn’t take much to spook the average trader now days and send them into a blind panic.

It is surprising when their is a big drop in share prices that most traders don’t stop to think that for every stock sold there must be a buyer, otherwise nothing happens. In other words for every negative trader there is a trader who is thinking the opposite. Usually when prices are going up traders are selling to make profits.

That old saying, “Buy in Gloom and Sell in Boom” is what I adhere to quite often.

The areas that I am currently involved in at the moment are Gold, Energy (specifically coal seam gas ) and rare earths.

Now some research for you..Gold (Asx code FML) ; Energy (Asx code SXY) Aand rare earths.(Asx code LYC)

I shall be writing in  more detail on these in the weeks to come.

So in the meantime enjoy profitable trading.







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