Service Will Resume As Soon As Possible.

It has been a week of frantic preparation for the “One week’s holiday” away. All the news I have is on the “Blog” so everything is up-to-date as I can make it.

Here are the Highlights of what has been happening on my portfolio:-

Atlas South Sea Pearl. (ATP) The share price has remained basically stable, but ATP gave an announcement during the week that they are recommencing “A daily share buy back”

What this means that with any spare cash they have on hand. (Incidentally sales are up by 30 % this quarter.) They buy back their own shares from the open market at the current share price. This is good for ATP and also good for the shareholder. This effectively increases the earnings per share.

This means they have fewer shares on the open market and do not have to pay out on as many dividends so their future profits increase as well.

The amount that are allowed to buy back is limited up to only 10% of their issued shares in any twelve month period.

The bonus for the shareholder is that with fewer stocks available this eventually will push the share price upwards and hopefully the dividends increase also.
A win-win situation for all.

Oxiana (OXR) this is one that I bought about two to three weeks ago (See previous post)

Things are settling down after its takeover of Agincourt. (AGC) The share price has gone up to $2.91 per share since I first purchased them which is an increase of 8%. This was not unexpected as I anticipate them going up to at least $4-00 in 2 to 3 months I think I will hang on a bit longer.

Another interesting development is that Deep Yellow(DYE) a small uranium miner is selling the advanced Napperby project to “Toro Energy” (TOE) the company which is controlled by Minotaur Resources and Oxiana. So Oxiana have now an interest in Uranium as well.

BQT and QTK the two security stocks that I hold haven’t done too much at all
BQT has gone to 22.5 cents, an (10%) increase over the week, while QTK which went backwards at the beginning of the week just came back to what it was.

Newsat (NWT) is still keeping me in suspense (see previous post) as to what they are up to. All I could find out from their previous announcements of two days ago was that they have experienced record sales in January 2007 which is usually a quiet month business wise.

Plus they are in the process of moving their headquarters from “Dubai” in the Arab Emirates to “Kuwait.” The reason is because this so as to, “Have a more focussed approach to Central and South East Asia.” as they are expanding their satellite communications network in that area.

The news that I am waiting for regarding “the long term contracts with a Major Telco” Won’t be out till March .Meanwhile the share price is languishing and doing nothing.

It will be very fascinating watching the mad scramble for shares when the news does hit the media.

My last share is David Jones (DJS) which I bought yesterday. So it is still early days yet.(see previous post)
So there you have it. “Service Will Be Resumed” as soon as possible when I get back in a weeks time.
In the meantime there is a huge amount of valuable information available to be found in this site if only you take the time to look for it.
Happy Profitable trading to all.

All the company announcements can be found by going to

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