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28 May 2007
Motorcycle theft is on the increase and an alarming 77 per cent of motorcycle theft victims never recover their vehicles, according to figures published by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) statistics reveal that motorcycle theft was up four per cent in 2006 and that a mere 33 per cent of victims recovered their vehicles last year.

The trend has become so dire that many riders and motorcycle dealers are turning to innovative high-tech security solutions to protect their ‘rides’.

Landmark Sydney dealer Action Motorcycles is one such retailer. Its Sydney Store Manager, Adam Masters, says he now recommends all his customers fit a tracking and security system that can reveal a motorcycle’s exact location.

“Normal alarms and immobilisers alone don’t provide enough protection,” said Mr Masters.

“We are using a system from QuikTrak called BikeWatch that tells you exactly where a bike is, even if it’s underground or in the back of a truck.”

Mr Masters said his customers were impressed to learn such a product existed and were adopting it in droves.

“Guys who spend $20,000 on a bike see obvious value in paying a monthly fee to constantly guard it. Most riders have an attachment to their bikes that goes way beyond just the monetary value.”

Mr Masters said customers often provided him feedback about the reassurance BikeWatch offers.

“One of our customers recently bought a Suzuki GSX-R1000, a very ’sexy’ bike,” he said.

“He normally hates leaving it alone but, because he has BikeWatch fitted, he was able to park it on the street the other night while he went out for dinner. He said it was a liberating experience.”

QuikTrak vehicle security analyst Gary Moore said that motorcycles without tracking systems generally had a poor recovery rate for several reasons.

“Motorcycles tend to be targeted by professional thieves rather than amateur opportunists. A motorcycle is an easy target for organised thieves because its size and weight make it relatively transportable,” said Mr Moore.

“Motorcycles have also traditionally featured far fewer unique identifiers than cars, so they’re easier to sell in parts.”

Mr Moore said there was a lucrative black market in stolen motorcycle parts both interstate and overseas.

“Another contributing factor is a mindset amongst some riders that little can be done to prevent theft, so there’s no point trying. This is certainly not the case when using effective motorcycle security tracking products,” he said.

Stolen motorcycles fitted with the BikeWatch system are recovered in under 30 minutes on average, claimed Mr Moore.

He said any tampering with a vehicle fitted with the BikeWatch system sends an alert to QuikTrak’s 24-hour Response Centre, which in turn contacts a BikeWatch system owner to confirm a motorcycle’s whereabouts.

“If a theft is confirmed, we directly contact the police radio room and provide a motorcycle’s location. We can also remotely disable the motorcycle to assist police with its recovery,” said Mr Moore.

With motorcycle theft on the increase and over three-quarters of all victims never recovering stolen bikes, dealers such as Adam Masters of Action Motorcycles recommend that riders fit location-tracking security systems such as QuikTrak BikeWatch.

For further information on BikeWatch and other QuikTrak products, visit www.quiktrak.com.au or call 1300 364 446.

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