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Path to Financial Independence the MIND SET

The first thing to look at before setting out to achieve freedom from the tread mill
Is the conditioning of the mind?

Why this is so important because most have applied systematic damage to their confidence and belief in them selves.

Therefore before drawing up any plan one must start to critically look at the mind set.
Basically I have mentioned this before but know I am correlating a procedure that if applied should lead one to Financial Independence.

The fact that the mind controls all our actions is well documented I am not a mind expert but have practiced strengthening of the mind for many years and have read the Worlds leading expert Susan Greenfield’s work

[ ] and based a lot of my research on her findings and many other experts. However this is my work and can not be tied into others.

The way I perceive the mind in simple terms is when you have an idea some project that you want to achieve the mind registered and understands your desire.
As you progress with the activity it starts to accumulate the facts.

However if you have been a procrastinate natured person it already knows chances are we are already in a no go position, and is relaxed no urgency you have already shown it that you do not want any rapid answers.

Most times you have sort out every person you can find that is relative to subject to ask their opinion ,not bothering to ascertain if they are naturally negative ,surprise .surprise .They usually endorse the slow down procedure.

What is Plat Saying?

Never go to anyone until you feel confidant enough to tell them what you are going to do ,not if they think you should or could do it.[research has shown that if you confide your goals with others it reinforces your will to complete the task because you have shown and shared commitment.]

Part solution write down as many reasons why you are not getting to where you want to be .Then before you go to sleep of a night have a good read of the items and try and find answers to make each point a thing of the past go positive.

Then tell your mind that no longer will you accept negative paths you’re changed for good.
There are many books on the subject you need to read as many as you feel you need to until you notice a more positive attitude springing to life.

Others may remark that you are more positive that would be a great sign.

If your partner tends to be a worrier and cautious nature best confide in others [It will not damage your relationship if you tell yourself it won’t.]
Make sure you are more kind to her or him and respect them even more that before, this most important because you need them on your side.
Then start to listen to what the mind tells you when you wake, and if possible carry out its direction of action.

The path we are going along is not easy not many make it but without the initial strengthening of the mind you are behind the 8 ball.

Well mates we have started.


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