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Is it a good time to enter the market?

At this point in time the share market is down on average around 25% to 30%. This of course depends which stocks you are looking at as some are down even further than others.

As to when the share market will start to go upwards again consistently, is anyone’s guess, for no one really knows.

If you take a look at past history the market has always eventually climbed again to new heights only to eventually recede again. The biggest factor here is the time element which is the main random factor.

At this point in time it could pay you to do some research into good solid companies which have had a serious decline in their share price and look at buying these for a medium to long term investment for the future.

An old saying “Buy in gloom and sell in boom” could well apply here. But again that depends on your own personal trading strategy that you have in place.

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