Moving Averages.

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If you like moving averages (I do) then all you need is three of them.

Dawn Bolton-Smith is a qualified Technical Analyst and a futures trader of vast hands-on trading experience. Dawn has freely shared her knowledge, and told anyone who want to listen, that her “base” strategy has been to use a 3-15-30 set of MA’s. This link is a “MUST-READ” for you and anyone else who wants to learn from Dawn’s wisdom:

That is really good, simple, and it works.

I would suggest using both DAILY charts and WEEKLY charts, and NEVER go against the longer term trend. You do not have to. Nothing trends up forever (nor down unless it’s all finished!) and rather than stress-out about finding a trade and wanting to always be “in the market” - just relax and WAIT for the trades to come to you.

That is difficult when early in a trading career because we are enthusiastic to get into it. Being a winning trader is very boring really - things don’t happen quickly - if they do, you’d better be ready to jump quickly too.

My whole point here is to use non-trading time to get prepared. Get the trend right (this can sometimes take a week or two for one stock - but if you have a watch-list of 20 to 30 solid stocks (ASX 300 is what I class as solid) there will always be ONE stock amongst them that is getting ready to move.

So - using MACD plus the 3 MA’s plus using 2 time-frames, plus solid stocks, plus a sound exit strategy, you will be getting close to a nice, simple strategy, which will not consume time, and can get you into “safe” trends.

The only other consideration is to understand what the GENERAL market is doing - the Index. If you have a charting package, you can type in “XAO” for the All-Ordinaries Index, “XJO” for the ASX top 200 stocks index, and if you know which Index your stock belongs to, you can also have a look at THAT index as well.

For example, if you are looking at any of the banks, they belong to the XFJ or Financials Index, which has lost 17% since its peak in 1st November 2007. If you have been LONG on any of the banks, you have probably lost money - because the Index is going down.

You would find it difficult to find a financial stock which is rising right now - so SHORTING financial stocks would be classed as trading WITH the index.

Another way to find good stocks, is to examine the Indexes (Indices) and locate one which is RISING. Then have a look at all the stocks within that index, and then apply your MACD, moving averages and 2 time frames to that stock.

Hope that helps.

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