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One of the “First things” that we need to do is to manage our money and learn how to Budget.
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This Free site has heaps of information on money saving etc.And is well worth the effort of going there.

Hints on How To Stretch That Dollar Further.

These are simple easy steps, which when used regularly will definitely save you money.

1. If you are easily tempted when you are shopping limit access to money by carrying less in your purse or wallet.

2. Withdraw a set amount each week and leave your credit card at home along with your cheque book.

3. Leave the car at home if possible. Use public transport or share transport with a workmate. Or if your workplace is relatively close, consider using a bicycle or walk it. That way you get fit and save money as well.

4. Don’t toss the junk mail in the bin straightaway as some good specials can be found. particularly in the grocery line.

5. Shop around before you buy. Don’t buy the first thing you see. On several occasions I have found exactly the same item elsewhere a couple of dollars cheaper.

6. Make your own lunch. Cook extra and put some in the freezer. You could save around $1.000 plus you know exactly what you are eating.

7. When grocery shopping compare products and brand names. Try a few “home brands’ you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Sort out which ones you like or dislike. There are definite savings to be made.

8. Plan all your meals ahead of time and go to the supermarket with a “shopping List”. Impulse buying does prove a lot dearer by far.

9.Keep a notepad/record of all of your unbudgeted items. You will be surprised how much you have spent.

10. Don.t make major purchases on the spur of the moment. You will save at least $50 to $60 just by comparing prices. Use the phone to shop around , you will save time and petrol.

11. Try buying second hand goods at the “OP SHOPS”, or garage sales. It can be great fun and who knows you might come across some real bargains.

12. Turn down the thermostat on your hot water system .Just a few degrees difference will cut your bill down.

13. Make sure you have no leaky taps or a leaky toilet cistern. Not only will save money on your water rates you will save water as well.

14. Only have one electric light on at night time. Or watch television in the dark apart from saving power it could be quite romantic.

15. Always buy in bulk where practicable. Washing powder, disinfectant etc. If there is no room in the house these items can be stored quite safely in the garage.

16. Buy food stuffs in bulk. The larger packets/boxes can work out cheaper. Do your sums and check out the money you can save. A dollar here a dollar there soon mounts up.

17. Stop smoking. Not only will you save heaps but your health will improve and you could live longer. If you don’t want to quit then buy a cheaper brand or roll your own. There are not so many additives in pouch tobacco and you can smoke smaller cigarettes.

18. Ask for a discount when paying with cash. Some places will quite often come to the party. Also trades men will quite often discount for being paid in cash.

19. Get a bigger freezer. You are then able to buy your meat in bulk. Buy ice cream in larger containers. Even buying that extra loaf of bread that was on special. All go into the freezer and saves you money.

20. When your washing machine has died consider investing in a front loader. Again you save water; you use less power and also save on washing powder. A win -win situation.

21. Consider switching to gas particularly if you are in a mains area. It’s cheaper than electricity and you have no worries about power failures either.

22. Convert your hot water system (electric) to “off peak” It heats at night which is charged at a cheaper rate.

23. Use the shopper dockets you get from your grocery purchases. You can save on petrol or even get a free coffee, for instance buy 1 get 1 free.

A cappuccino at muffin break costs $3.60. 100 coffees a year equal $360.00 just for using shopper dockets. I am talking from experience on this one.

24. Always carry a shopping list and only the amount of cash you wish to spend. Leave your credit cards and cheque book at home. Then you can’t be tempted to overspend.

25. If you see a product that isn’t on your list, but it is one that you are using regularly and it is on “Special” at a better than average saving grab it .
The money you save is better in your pocket that theirs.
I do this particularly with coffee. And have saved around $3.00 each time. Washing powder is another good one to keep an eye open for.

26. Manufacturers vie for prominent position at the end of aisles displays and near the sales counters. So very often bargains can be found in less obvious locations.

27. Three for the price of two on tinned food is a good buy as tinned food has a longer shelf life.

28. Try to stock up on bulk items on “Special” such as toilet paper, washing powder in fact anything that has a long shelf life. I have a cupboard in the garage for items like these. It saves space in the kitchen for other things.

29. If there are factory outlets/ wholesalers in your area you will find you can get good discounts by buying goods there.

30. Movie tickets. The cinema chains quite often have specials on like buy a book of ten tickets for the price of seven. Ideal if you have children on school vacations.

31. You can save heaps if you yearly subscribe to your favorite newspapers and magazines instead of buying them weekly.

32. Keep an eye on your “junk mail” The sales are a good time to buy for things like Manchester, white goods etc. Why pay more than you have to.

33. Buy a second freezer especially if you are big meat eaters or have a large family. The money you save by buying meat in bulk will pay for the freezes in no time.

It is quite amazing how much you can save. And what to do with that money???

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