Mid Week Fun And Games

Monday and Tuesday were relatively quiet with not much going on. Not so today.

Remember BQT that jumped up by 34% last week for no reason that I could find? Even the ASX queried them about it as well. I quoted that I thought it was “insider trading.” Seems like I was right, as an announcement came out today stating that “Qld Tafe” are installing BQT’s new “Mi -Pass Biometric Smart Card’ in all of their centres.

This “smart card” has a multi functional purpose in that it can be used for personal securityand other purposes. You can’t give to another student to use, as it works by using “a fingerprint” format. So if you lose it or it is stolen no one else can use it. It is used as a personal id on campus and has other purposes such as a library card.( Full announcement can be found on the ASX)

BQT already have the Australian Defence as a customer.The potential for their ” Smart Cards” is enormous and they are in the process of bringing online other security products which have been in the pipeline for some time. 2007 is going to be a interesting time for this “long termer” of mine.

AEX my uranium stock went up by 2.5% which is regaining lost ground from last week. Buyers still outnumber sellers plus turnover is increasing again as is volatility and to boost things along the price of uranium is on the increase again.

MEO has levelled off at around 47 - 48 cents with more buyers than sellers and general interest being shown by the general public.Seems to be taking a breather before heading up north again.

EGO is about to “come to the boil” as it has just completed their farmins in (sharing the costs) for drilling at the “Canning Basin” at WA. All in all the total drilling costs have been shared amongst 6 different oil companies. All eager to participate in this venture.

Also they are bringing into production an oil well which was drilled in 1992 but wasn’t thought financially viable back then. Again they are sharing costs ( farming in) as the “Point Discovery” well was tested back then to have the potential of 80 billion cubic feet of gas and 10 million barrels of oil. (Information at ASX) Not bad considering today’s prices. No wonder they are keen.

Thing are never really quiet on the stock market as there is always something going on in the market somewhere. The trick is to know where to look. And the “Flavour of the Month ” can be found above. To give you a clue it starts with “U.”

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