Looking back.

It has been a roller coast ride this month with some stocks being slammed while others soar upwards.Like being on a trampoline.Bouncing up and down but going nowhere fast.

OXR (See my portfolio) hit $3.97 today and looks like continuing slowly but steadily upwards.ATP and IMP are marking time while VPE has gained a little.So not much really happening in my portfolio at the moment. But I do have plans for the future when my cash situation improves.

On December 29th. last year. I wrote an article called “Dusting off my crystal ball.” and I made a few predictions that have come to pass.

Gold has hit $970 and looks like reaching the $1,000 mark easily.Silver has climbed upwards also.
Oil hasn’t come down as yet but I still have 9 months to go to be proved right on that one.

The sub prime debacle continues to unfold as more accurate and honest figures are released.Its not exactly a thing you can really hide for too long.Though a few have tried. Eventually you have to come clean and admit that things are worse than you let on in the first place.

Interest rates have risen with more to come as I predicted and the Aussie dollar hit a 24 year high against the US$. Again I have 9 months up my sleeve for it to reach parity.
It is a great feeling being nearly 100% right, but if I can only convert this predicting success to picking my future stocks I will make a fortune in no time at all.

But until that happens I will continue doing my research and keep to my trading plan and try to make some sense out of this crazy market.

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