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My wife is building her own web site, and calls it “Ant Work.”

I was tickled by her expression and it took me back to when I began trading shares.

In those days I had no idea of charting and technical knowledge, let alone the edge that knowing a bit about charting might bring.

Looking over my own progress, I can remember when I discovered the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence). It is a very simple indicator which demonstrates the early moves in trending stocks, and is displayed as two moving averages of slightly different time frames.

These rise and fall, diverge and converge in accordance with share price movement, or indeed anything that can be charted over time. As well, usually a histogram is displayed under the action, further adding to visual assessment of potential price action.

I was ecstatic - I thought this was the best thing ever to discover, and of course it would now only be a matter of trading with the signal, and I would be sipping the pina colada in Kingston Town in no time at all.

But I found this indicator too has its moments and you need to know how to interpret a false signal from a true one.

So back to the books!

Yes, Ant Work is where it is at.

Don’t expect to log into a forum and find a wrap for the next hottest thing, and expect to jump in and get rich!

Uh huh! Nope! Ain’t like that.

In order to get a sandwich into an ant nest, you don’t stuff it down the hole!

Nope! The ants trundle up with their teeth and muscles, and cart it away one-piece-at-a-time. Takes awhile, but it is amazing how clean the ants can leave a picnic table.

Two things come from this observation:

1. There is nothing wrong with getting rich slowly.

2. Working with a couple of dedicated mates, all pulling the same direction gets the job done.

In other words, use the forum to make friends, build relationships with knowledgeable traders, and share back to the forum the good things you are finding.

A mate of mine set me back this week.

He said: “I always like to pay it forward. Now I think it is time to pay something back.”

You see, what he discovered is that by being a giver, and using a few things he discovered to share with other newbie’s, he could “pay it forward” by helping others in their quest.

Now he is grateful for the help he received from others, and is willing to also share with a mentor. Amazing bloke.

Actually we all have that potential to be “amazing blokes.” Just takes thoughtfulness, kindness, a touch of intelligence and tolerance, and an open mind.

That’s what we have here in this forum. (TOPSTOCKS)

Keep it all working.

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