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One Click Trading.

Finexo Web Trader offers trading on live tradable prices from the Price / Trade panel. Trading on live tradable prices couldn’t be simpler. The One-Click-Trading feature allows you open and close positions instantly. Once enabled, One-Click trading feature is available for 30 seconds. It will then be disabled again as a safety precaution to prevent you trading inadvertently.

Trailing Stops.

A Trailing Stop is attached to the stop-loss feature. It allows you to automatically adjust the level of your stop loss so that the stop is always a pre-specified distance from the last best market price. Trailing stops that dynamically move your order in your favour until the market reverses.


ForexWebTrader also allows you to open positions using versatile trade orders to:

Market Trade – To buy/sell the currency at the market price.

Entry Order – Opens a trade at future price you specify if hit or breached.

Entry Stop – A type of Entry Order: to buy/sell at a less favorable price.

Entry Limit – A type of Entry Order: to buy/sell at a more favorable price.

Market Order – An order to buy/sell at earliest Market Price
(used while the market is closed.)

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Best australian blogs!You will find my site here amongst the top websites.
Finance Blogs - Blog Top Sites
You will find my site here amongst the Top Websites.

www.asx-investing.blogspot.com This is a great informative site where you will good information regarding how to pick those elusive money making stocks ” By investing using fundamentals on the Aussie Stock market”.

www.sharecafe.com.au A free site where you can “paper trade”and compete for monthly prizes. Also has a gold mine of useful information that you will find invaluable.Well worth a visit.

www.incrediblecharts.com.au Another free site where you can chart your current or future stocks.Highly recommended.
For only $12 a month you can have the “professional” one with all the “bells and whistles”.There is also to be had a plethora of information regarding all you need to know about charting.

Another great site where you will find information and other worthwhile links regarding sharetrading.www.tradingshares.com.au

TOPSTOCKS a place where you find valuable hints ,tips and good stock information.
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Share trading education.
One of the best sites that I have come across for good information.Click here to access.

www.stockscan.com.au A useful site where you can “Scan” your prospective stocks before you buy them. Worth a look.

www.stockmonster.com.au A free site which is ideal for checking up on the volume and selling/buying price which is currently happening on your stocks today.

www.asx.com.au This is the first site (After Asxnewbie) Where a beginner needs to visit to learn more about the share market.
This site also runs competitions where you can “Paper trade” to fine tune those skills you need to trade successfully in the stock market.

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