Just Dusting Off My Crystal Ball.

Whether we had a good year or a bad year it’s nearly over. Hopefully we can look back and profit by the mistakes we made and endeavour not to repeat them again this year.
Plus also note where we did things right and try to perform those miracles again more often.

Every “New Year” gurus, analysts and experts prophesy what is going to happen in the coming year. So with tongue in cheek I have decided to climb on the bandwagon to give you my views and ideas as to what I think is going to happen next year. It will be interesting to see how accurate they are looking back in hindsight.

Firstly China and India followed closely by Russia and Brazil will still need resources so I still expect a boom in our minerals to continue upwards. Though at not the same speed as before.

Gold prices will continue on its slow but sure way upwards. Reaching the lofty heights of around $1,000 an ounce. Which will of course benefit gold stocks?
(Incidentally we will be having a “New” contributor on information on gold starting up in the New Year.)

Oil prices will decline though not to the lower levels they were. More likely around the $70 - $80 mark. Keep an eye open for some emerging oil companies to hit the big time.(More on those later.)

The Australian dollar will rise against the US dollar mainly because of economic downturns in the USA. Quite possibly reaching parity near the end of the year.

We have not heard of the last of the sub-prime loans debacle. the effects of which will last for a few more months yet. So hang onto your hats for a bit longer.
Credit will get tighter here and in the USA and public spending will also decrease. I anticipate interest rates to rise around three times here in Australia due to inflation and to decrease early in the New Year in the USA.

Property investment will slow down here in Australia mainly due to the effects of higher interest rates. This will also apply to home buyers as well, as credit become tighter due to current high property prices. Though I do expect a downturn in general property prices due to an oversupply coming onto the market.

Commercial property will do the opposite and will be the sector to invest in as there will be a scarcity in office space occurring. For example do some research on DVN.

Takeovers will dominate the resource sector in Australia with a few in other sectors. A possible merger in two of the bigger banks would not surprise. Plus a shakeup in the retail grocery section would not surprise me either.

China is still keen to buy mining stocks to guarantee their vital supplies in the future and they have money to burn.So keep your eye on resource stocks.
Also keep an eye on Japan as they are becoming active once more.

I also predict we will see some meteoric rises in the price of some resources. Uranium will be one of the major players. With nickel waiting in the sidelines. And Silver might also surprise as well.
Alternative fuel stocks will also become more popular in the coming months.

We will experience several more downturns in the share market depending on how the Dow performs and the US economy fares. I will even go as far as to say you can expect one around or very close to “May.” With at least another one in the latter part of the year.

All in all we can look forward to a turbulent year. If anyone can predict it accurately then he or she will make a Mint!
But don’t forget that old saying: - “Buy in Gloom and sell in Boom.”

So starts saving your pennies now for the bargains to come in the New Year.But also keep those fireproof gloves handy just in case.

A happy profitable trading New Year to you all.

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