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How to Find Potential Profitable Stocks

The first thing is knowing where to look. It is quite amazing sometimes where a tip or information will come from.
Below is a list which will be a basic starting point. You will develop your own sources as your own experience grows.

1. Newspapers. Usually can be found in the business section, but can be found elsewhere particularly if they have done something out of the ordinary and the Media have got wind of it.

2. Specialist Magazines. The main ones in Australia can be found in any newsagency .The most popular being, “The Smart Investor” this comes out on a monthly basis.
Another is “The Bulletin” which comes out on a weekly basis. Though not as informative as AFR it has an interesting page called “The Speculator.” The author has a reputation of having his finger “on the pulse” so to speak. Especially in the resources area.

3. The Internet.
This is particularly an area where you will find a wealth of information, sometimes too much.
I receive the vast majority of my information in the form of newsletters. This arrives by E- Mail on a daily basis. I then sift through it and keep the information I want and discard the rest.

4. Other Media. Radio and television can be useful sources of information. Usually on the nightly 6 pm news and the various finance/ business programmes that abound on Foxtel and other finance channels.

5. Friends, relatives and casual acquaintances. I have found by personal experience that once it is known that you are interested in the share market; people will go out of their way to give you their latest tips and information.

I never knock them back but I always do my own personal research first before I take it any further.

6. Personal Experience. This is hard to define. I call it “Being tuned in.” As I can be looking for one thing and something else entirely different will turn up.

As I have stated before you never know where that little bit of information is going to spring from.
This only a basic guidelines as you will develop your own sources, as your experience grows and time progresses.

Enjoy profitable trading.


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