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My biggest advise from my short time in the market compared to a lot of others on here is time.
You need lots of it to read, read and read. There is a multitude of places, the internet, ASX,bloomberg, reuters, papers (fin review, the australian), magazines (smart investor, brw etc), forums.

The level of info is just scary…all you need is time to sift through it. Eventually you will find what you like and are comfortable with and then you will be able to refine the time you spend on your research.

I made it an imperative to try to learn and understand investing vs trading. You need to understand that both exist in the market and will affect your investment…be it over a short time frame or a long one. Learn how to do both. Become an ASX ho!!!LOL.

You must understand the concepts of investing vs trading, the level of risk, technicals vs fundamentals. In essence I am now using both to help me with my investments and trades. Both are essential for me and I cant believe the power of charting. “trend is your friend” is just so true. I have even made successful day trades which I thought I could never do (except AGY errrhhhmmm)

I have seen it become apparent to my successes and failures in my time in the market, is to pick a sector and learn it inside out. This is bloody not easy, but I am telling you, this will help you to pick the winners from the losers in the sector.

Learn the jargon used in their reports. Dont just read the reports, analyse them. Try to put a value on the company. Yes hard work but its essential. Understand their finnancials, look up their websites, look at what they are doing, where they are going, who is invested in them, who is managing them.

Another critical aspect which has begun to help me immensely is to realise that you are in a global economy.Your investments in the Oz market are being influenced by global events. Be in touch with your world. Know what is happening, in particular the US and China…but Europe,Japan all influence the market in some shape or form. You must be aware of this. Again hard work but essential.

Another (I am going on sorry) thing which has been something I am learniing of late in a rapid way…is sentiment and psychology are so crucial. Only time in the market will be able to give you the experience to even try and predict the mindset of the market.

I couldnt believe how important it is. When the market is spooked or in a fever, the fundamentals go to the restroom for a break! If you can at least try to understand how the market will respond could help you in your decisions. Eg when to follow the herd and when to go against it.

Finally, find people around you who have been in the market for a long time. Become a member here and you will open yourself up to thousands of hours of experience which honestly would cost you a fortune if you went out to buy it. There are posters here just bitting at the bit to help newbies as yourself and me to avoid the traps. I often wondered why would they do that….I dont anymore…I now just accept that there is genuine good people here who just want to help

So unfortunately, I am not making this sound so enticing probably, but you must realise it is hard work. For me this has become something I just love doing, so the hard work is irrelevant…but not everyone finds reading all this fun. Most of my friends find it fn boring and think I am weird. Maybe i am weird….actually yes I am.

A friend asked me once if he should enter the market and I asked him if he is prepared to put in the time to learn. He said he didnt have the time so I told him don’t and used this as an example.

I asked him if someone gave you the fastest bike in the world would you ride it even if you had no experience. Of course he said he would only do so if he went learnt how to. The market is exactly the same as riding a bike. It will take time, but once you learn how, it should get easier but as with riding a bike. Go too hard or take too much risk and you will come off second best!!

Good luck and sorry for going on and on and on and on…

hope you enjoy your stay…I am!!



My suggestions:

(1) Invest/Trade in companies who’s products and processes you understand.

(2) If (1) isn’t possible, then educate yourself about those products/processes. There’s lots of good info tucked away on this site - from posts to e-books.

(3) If you’re trading, then an understanding of market psychology is important - hours spent watching bids, buys, market depth etc. I kind of think of it as the ‘ebb and flow’ or ‘rhythm’ of a stock.

(4) Technical analysis is useful as well - once again, heaps of great posts tucked away on this site, the link below will rake you to T$ Advanced Search Facility.

(5) As to a scan indicator, I would humbly suggest that a good education is the starting point. Just like any other project in life, one needs to understand the available tools before springing into action! A good beginners book is ‘Technical Analysis for Trading Index warrants’ by Chris Temby - don’t be concerned about the index warrants part, he explains the various simple TA stuff really well. As a bonus, if you live in Adelaide he runs courses through the WEA. (I am not he, by the way!)

(6) With reference to (5), have you really thought about what you’re scanning for? Or are you feeling very despondent and figure that a scan would be a good idea?

I’m sure others will chip in, and I’m sure that you need to provide a little more information,

All the best, cheers mathy :)

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