Here is an article on an old enemy of mine known as “GREED.”

 A typical example of this is when your pre-planned exit price is reached very quickly in half the time that you expected.

The temptation is to ignore your plan because you might make a bigger profit by hanging on. The price goes up and still we hold on. All excited and holding onto unrealised profits. When it turns downwards we cannot believe it, and we refuse to sell, hoping it will turn again to regain our lost profits.

Now it has gone back below our pre planned exit and we can either sell or realise a smaller profit or even suffer a minor loss. And all because of being too greedy.
If this happens to you, then be aware of what can happen. If you are lucky and the share price has exceeded your exit price. By all means grab that profit for Lady Luck is on your side.

The worst case scenario is when the loss becomes too great to bear and you hang on and on, telling your self that it will come back up again. It will eventually, though there are no guarantees. In the meantime you money is all tied up, when you could have been making a profit elsewhere. And all because of Greed.

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