For those of you who follow “My Portfolio” I purchased more IMP on the 10th July.This article was published today on “Topstocks.”

This article was contributed by “ Mr.Muzz” a new contributor from“Topstocks.

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…I have just spoken to the “Top”.

1. Sale of BMX has gone through nicely and $14million+ will be in IMP’s bank account from their 5% sale of BMX shares to the Arab’s Cristal Global …at the end of July. Get ready for that good announcement, when it is lodged;

2. Gas Well #6 of this current programme of 13 wells (5 of which have been commercially successful), has been temporarily postponed due to:
A. Connecting up the current 5 successful wells so that IMP can start selling their gas at the increased summertime level of $13+Mcf instead of the old $7-8 of a few months ago;

B. IMP’s drilling rig had been previously calendar scheduled and contracted to drill 5 wells for another company …at very profitable levels for IMP (while they have to hook up the successful wells) …because excellent high-speed drilling rigs like IMP’s are extremely hard to come by (rarer than hen’s teeth);

C. The contracted out drilling work is now up to well #3 for the Client and should have well nos #4 and #5 finished in the next couple of weeks …so that they can start again on IMP’s Well #6 …and of course …by that time …the other successful 5 wells will be all hooked up into the North American grid and making nice cash flow for IMP. Goody goody 2 shoes …they have been making nice profit from contract drilling, while hooking up very profitable gas-flow-cash-flow wells. Heh heh!

3. The next Quarterly News for IMP is coming out for announcement within 10 days, says “Top” …which will have lots of Market encouraging good news in it. So be positioned in the Market to take advantage of that.

4. What happened with the recent dumping of 70 million IMP shares on the Market, which sent it down to 1.2 bargain cents is as follows …a Marginal Loan Company with a faulty “business model”, says “Top”, had to sell their IMP holdings to cover their margin loans.

As far at “Top” understands, there are no more of those type of goana’s in the woodpile. So, hopefully, we won’t have any more drongos to upset IMP. But, always be prepared to take advantage of a false drop in IMP if they do, would be my thinking …because …as i have shown on previous threads here …IMP should be sitting at about 3.2 cents based on its current Company capitalised value.

5. Marcellus gas field (adjoining New York, etc) is still looking good, though the cost of private land for the tenement leases is rising steeply …because people are only just starting to wake up to the intrinsic value of Natural Gas …and its low cost production and low cost retail and higher intrinsic value as against oil and coal gas. See threads below from Poster “Imperial” who is named Imperial by sheer strange co-incidence prior to becoming an investor like me in IMP - Imperial.

Happy investing fellow IMP forum-ites.

I am off now to top up some more of my current 10+million share holding.

Warm regards,
Mr Muzz

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