It has been a up and down day today. My new stock MEO went up by 3.5% and the uranium stock (AEX) that I mentioned before went up by 15.79% today.

I will hang on to this a bit longer for a few reasons.

1.Definitely in an upwards trend at the moment.

2.Excellent turnover and good volatility .

3.More buyers than sellers in the market depth.

4.More shares wanted than what is currently. available.

5.Uranium is definitely in the headlines at the moment.

6.Nicely priced low enough for a good profit to be made. (Mercenary Reasons)

The main reason the stock went down last week was that investors (read Herd) expected more from the report. Some got the sulks and sold off a large amounts, which deflated the price.

If you noticed all that stock that was dumped was very quickly bought up again.

If they (The sellers) had done their homework more thoroughly they would have seen that the report only confirmed what was already expected in the core samples.

In other words the reasons why they bought the stock in the first place havn’t really changed. The uranium and the gold that were found originally are still there.The mining schedules haven’t been changed either.

A good tip for you here.

If you keep an eye open, you can sometimes snap up some good bargains patricularly at quarterly reporting time. Even “blue chips” get slammed if their reports aren’t up to the investors unrealistic expectations of what their performance should be .

One thing is for sure you can never really understand the reasons why some investors sell and some buy.

Hopefully YOU know why YOU bought and sold that stock? And it was because of the “Right” educated reasons.

Finally if in doubt get out. It works for me.

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