A useful E- Book for those of you interested in charting.

This has not really got anything to do with the stock market as such but is still worth a look at if you are interested in looking at on how to improve your website.The information it contained I found to be of great benefit personally.

Free litle software program to assist you to budget those hard earned dollars. Hopefully to help you find some extra cash with which to buy more shares.

Click To Download>>>acemoneylitesetup.exe

4 Steps To 80% Trading Success.

Primarily for “Trade Station” users but some helpful hints can be found in the first 17 pages for ordinary Share traders.

Click To Download>>>four-steps-trading-success-.pdf

Essential Charting Information.

Although originally intended for Metastock users. You can still find vital information if you take your time. Particular good references to “Candlestick Charting”. Well worth the time to download.

Click To Download>>>formulabook.pdf

Charting Patterns

11 Most common charting patterns.Very useful information.

Click To Download>>>chart-patterns-tutorial.doc

Stock Monkey.

A unique versatile little program which enables you to calculate your profits or losses before you buy or sell your shares. A “Must Have”in any traders investments tools. Free on asx newbie!

Click To Download>>>stocmonk1.exe

How To Pick Profitable Shares

A Informative Article. Well Worth the Read.

Click To Download>>> proven-ways1.doc

Greatest Moneymaking Secret.

A collection of great ideas from different authors all in one book.
Click To Download >>> greatest-money-making-secret-in-history.pdf

The Enlightened Way To Wealth.

Eleven pages of jam packed information that you can put to good use right now! Plus the price is right. It’s all free to download.
Click To Download>>>;the-one-minute-millionaire.pdf

Have The Wealth You Want.

General information on how to get wealthy. Your solution on “how to get rich” could be right here. You will never know until you look.
Click To Download>>>have-the-wealth-you-want .pdf

101 Useful Money Secrets.

Informative money tips from The USA’s top money minds.
Click To Download>>>101-money-secrets.pdf

How To Trade Like A Millionaire.
Great information following in the footsteps of the world’s richest investor. Can you afford to miss this one??

Click To Download>>>how-to-build-wealth-like-warren-buffet.pdf

An All Time Classic.
Written by Robert Allen, I read one of his books many years ago. The title back then was called “The Blue Vase. The story Of A Go-getter” This e-book is just as good as the one that I read then. Enjoy!

Click To Download>>>;road-to-wealth.pdf

A Classic by A Master.
Worth the read.

Click To Download>>>;12-wealth-secrets-.doc

Trading On Momentum.
A excellent 288 page e-book on how to trade using Momentum. Recommended for your trading Library.

Click To Download>>>trading-on-momentum-.pdf

Thirteen Steps For Investing.
An interesting article from ” The Motley Fool” is also a useful site for other relevant information relating to basic share trading.

Click To Download>>>13-steps-for-investing.pdf

Swing Trading Using Candlestick Charting.

A down to earth basic e- book on Candlestick charting.

Click To Download>>>swing-trading-using-candlestick-pdf

Basic Chart Patterns.

A very useful article, which is very thorough regarding chart patterns. Ideal for picking out your future “million dollar” stocks.

Click To Download>>>chart-patterns-tutorial.doc

Master Trader.

A very handy e-book. Choc a block full of useful information.This e-book is currently for sale in the USA for $29.00 us. And here it is absolutely free on this website.

Click To Download>>>master-trader.pdf

How To Chart Your Stress Levels.
Something different, who knows it might help you to trade more successfully.
Click To Download>>>

Risk Control And Money Managment.

An informative article well worth the time spent. A recommended download.
Click To Download>>>moneymanagement.pdf

Stock Market For Dummies.
Some very basic information for the beginner.
Click To Download>>>

Hedge Fund Risk Factors.
A very comprehensive technical article for those traders who use Hedge Funds.

Click To Download>>>hedge-fund-risk- factors.pdf

Relative Strength Index.

This one of the factors frequently used in Technical Analysis to find that profitable stock.

Click To Download>>>how-to-use-the-rsi.pdf

Trend Line Charting.

This is an excellent way to find those elusive “upward” trending stocks so dear to our hearts

Click To Download>>>darvas-flow-chart1.doc

The Day Traders Bible.
A comprehensive e-book full of very useful information that you can apply to your daily trading. Highly recommended read .

Click To Download>>>


Trick Entry.
An interesting way to get your orders in earlier.Try it and see.
Click To Download>>>

W.D.Ganns Technical Analysis.
This technical analysis involves cycles and geometrics. First used by a very successful trader by the name of W.D.Gann.Well worth a look.

Click Here To Download>>>techniques-of-analysis.pdf

How To Improve Your Trading Results.

Here you will find hints from nine traders on how to improve the odds in your favor. You should find at least one or two things that will help you to trading successfully.

Click here to download>>>9-ways-to-improve-your-trading.pdf

Penny Stocks Trading System.

Printed in the USA but again worthwhile information pertains to the “Aussie” market as well.

Click To Download >>>;the-penny-stocks-trading-system.pdf

How To Find Stocks Using Astrology.
This is a an alternative way of finding stocks. I personally prefer the more traditional methods. But in this game I have found it pays to keep an open mind.
Click Here To Download>>>astrology-and-technical-analysis.pdf
Getting Things Done.
This little e-book will show you how to get things done.
Click Here To Download>>>getting-things-done-diagram.pdf

Technical TOOLS.

These very useful e-book covers the areas of oscillator.divergence/momentum and pivot support and resistance lines. A great help in finding profitable performing shares for your portfolio.

Click Here To Download>>>technical-tools-for-the-day-trader.pdf

Investment Mathmatics.

This helpful tool will determine the rate of return plus the “Rule of72″ which will show you how long it will take to double your money at a particular rate of return.

Click Here To Download>>>the-maths-of-investing.pdf

Technical Analysis.

This is how any stock trader can find the stock market trend by using candlestick charting.

To download click >>>candlestick-analysis1.pdf
Technical Analysis.
These are two types of technical analysis which will help you in charting the performance of your potential future profitable shares.
Click to download>>>bollinger-bands-and-rsi.pdf

Technical Analysis-Candlestick Charting.
A handy way to find upward or downward trending stock .One of the basic forms of charting analysis.

To download click >>>candlestick-charting-basics.2 pdf

Candlestick Charting.
This is a useful way on which to find profitable stocks by a basic charting method.
Click here to download>>>trading-ebook-candlesticks3-.pdf

Day Trading Basket.

Primarily for the USA markets, but basic relevant information pertains to the Australian market as well.

Click To download>>>day-trading-basket.pdf

Penny Stocks A Beginners Guide.(PDF)

Originally intended for the USA ,but the basic information it contains is also relevant to the Australian market as well.

Click to download >>> stocks-penny-stocks-guidepdf

Daily Trader Companion (PDF)

Some of this looks technical [and is for the advanced trader] But if you look carefully there is excellent basic information there if you take the time to read it.

Click to download>>> daily_trader_companion1.pdf

The Science of Getting Rich (PDF)

Timeless wisdom and a ractical, step-by-step rosperity program from a orgotten 1910 classic by Wallace D Wattles, comprising of 17 chapters and two appedixes. This is highly reccommended and could help change your thinking.The first step to riches is up to YOU.

Click to download>>> the-science-of-getting-rich.pdf

To read PDF documents you need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader which you can download here, if necessary.

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