David Jones becomes “Ex Dividend” on 29th March 2007 and payable in May 2007. So only a few more days to dive in and get some more.
I am glad DJS is not going into the food business as it would only harm their image.

Basically it looks like Coles have given up the fight against Woolworths. I wonder who will be taking their place? For they have a tough competitor in woolies.

UPMARKET retailer David Jones says it is not interested in any of the businesses of Coles Group should Coles be broken up.David Jones chief executive Mark McInnes told Sky News yesterday that Coles, Australia’s second biggest retailer, had some fantastic assets.
“Kmart, Target, Officeworks - they’re all terrific assets,” he said. “[But] none of those assets or competency skills are particularly aligned to our type of company or our type of business, so it’s hard to see us playing a role in that process.”

Coles, which releases its first-half results today, is also expected to unveil break-up plans.
Coles is believed to have benchmarked its separate businesses and added a 30 per cent premium to the sale price, as private equity groups and other retailers jostle for position in an expected $20 billion sell-off.

Coles put itself on the auction block last month after warning that, while it remained on track for a net profit of $787 million this year, it would miss its 2007-08 forecast of $1.07 billion by 10 per cent.

Mr McInnes also said yesterday that David Jones wanted the same deals from its suppliers that those suppliers gave to rival department store Myer.

“Over the next three to four months we intend to make sure that any of the favorable terms that suppliers might give to Myer actually come to David Jones at the same level and at the same pace and the same amount,” he said.

Last week David Jones posted a 30 per cent lift in first-half earnings.

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