Codes used in Day Trades.

Ever wondered what some of the codes mean when looking at the day’s trades? Here are a few examples.

Trade Description ITS/ Seats
Bulletin Board Trade BB -

Buy Back BK BK

Booking Purposes BP BP

Book Value BV BV

Directed Reporting DR DR

Exercise Call EC EC

Exercise Put EP EP

Equity/Option CombinationEQ BW

ETF Special Trade ET ET

Forward Delivery FD FD

Foreign Market Sale FM FM

Non-Src Traded Gov Instr. GL -

Index Rep. Portfolio Special IB IB

Loan LN LN

Loan Return LR LR

Late Trade LT ON

Normal Trade NORM -

Overseas Resident OR OR

Overseas Trade OS OS

Put-Through Special Crossin PT PT

Spce Xsng - Less than Market Parcel SA SA

Shortfall in Undw/Other Spec Xsg SO SO

Special Crossing Trade SP SP

Special Combo, Contingent SPCT -

Price Stabilisation ST ST

Price Stabilisation Late Trad STLT -

Portfolio Special Crossing SX SX

Tailor Made Combination TM -

Non-Scr Traded Wholesale Instr.WH -

Crossing [Normal] Trade XT XT

Combo Crossing XTCT -

Tailor Made Combination Crossing XTTM -

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