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Why Lost Super Is Government Theft Of Personal Property.

I’m sick of being right on this.

Just once I’d like to make a prediction about it and be wrong.

But no. Each time I explain to you what will happen, it happens.

The only thing you could accuse me of is being too conservative with the predictions.

For instance, two weeks ago I wrote:

The attack on your retirement savings is set to be a big story in 2013, especially leading up to next year’s budget.

What was I thinking? 2013? I was a fool for thinking it would take that long…because the latest attack on retirement savings happened on Monday. [Read more →]

October 26, 2012   Comments Off

Japan’s Energy Crisis and the Take Away for Aussie Investors.

Japan is caught in a trade deficit trap. Exports to Europe fell by 28% from a year earlier in August, according to data from the Ministry of Finance.

Exports to Germany were down 18% and exports to the UK were down 42%. Exports to China – and this was before all the Toyota bashing – fell 12%.

Exports fell more than imports. The result was Japan’s 18th consecutive monthly trade deficit since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. But the big driver of the trade deficit isn’t falling exports. It’s rising energy imports.

This is a structural shift in Japan that has a direct impact on the Aussie LNG industry. Japan needs energy. It has to import almost all of its oil and gas. It used to meet the electricity demands of industry with nuclear power.

But only two of its fifty nuclear power plants are currently online. And there’s a great deal of debate about a plan to phase out nuclear power entirely by 2030. [Read more →]

October 2, 2012   Comments Off

Is the US Housing Bust Over?

Some pretty big names in the financial prognostication business are recommending that investors start buying [US] houses. Jim Grant has devoted lots of space in Grant’s Interest Rate Observer to the idea. Marc Faber, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and Chris Mayer all like sticks and bricks.

Five years ago, the unthinkable began to happen. It got worse and worse. By the end, housing prices nationwide were down 35%. In some markets like Las Vegas, where I spent time as a banker, the shellacking has been much worse. The bulls figure now’s the time to buy. You know, buy low and sell high.

In a piece for The Daily Reckoning, Mr. Mayer talks about how affordable housing is in the U.S. He points to the ratio of median home price to median income. The lower the ratio, the more affordable the market. [Read more →]

September 16, 2012   Comments Off

What is Technical Analysis.

Essentially Technical analysis is a study of the actual share price movement, not the fundamentals of the company.

Technical Analysis is probably the more common and successful way of making trading decisions and analyzing forex and commodities markets.This is how the trader uses the forecasting of future financial price movements founded on an scrutiny of past price movements.

This is a method of assessing securities by analyzing the statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume. This research of market dynamics is done mainly with the help of charts and with the aim of calculating future price development.

Technical analysis is widely believed to be essential in limiting risk and maximizing profit as part of any trading and investment scheme. Technical analysis is often contrasted with fundamental analysis,the study of economic components that influence prices in financial markets. [Read more →]

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Trusted With Trillions, Bankers Can’t Even Work Out a Two Dollar Puzzle.

In today’s Money Morning:…the RBA couldn’t work out a basic truth…some things you can’t model…why central planning fails…a new market where fortunes will be made…

Trusted With Trillions, Bankers Can’t Even Work Out a Two Dollar Puzzle

Finally, mainstream bankers and economists admit the market has beaten them.

No, we’re not talking about multitrillion dollar banking bailouts. And we’re not talking about the unending European debt crisis.

So what is it that has Australian banking and economic minds stumped? It is…wait for it…$2.

That’s right, $2. Not $2 billion, or $2 trillion, just a lazy old $2.

It’s no wonder the global economy is in such a mess. [Read more →]

August 12, 2012   Comments Off

No Mr. President, Entrepreneurs Did Build That…

The war against freedom, free enterprise, and entrepreneurialism continues.

Last week US President, Barack Obama told a crowd of cheering Statists and Progressives exactly what he thinks about entrepreneurs.

You can catch a clip of the video here and the full speech here.

He told the baying crowd:

‘If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own…if you got a business, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.’

That’s what every central planner thinks. That if it wasn’t for the government, nothing would get done. Of course, the reality is the complete opposite… [Read more →]

July 21, 2012   Comments Off

Peter Schiff Explains The Real Fiscal Cliff.

This article is contributed by Pinnacledigest.com. One of the TOP sites for up to date information on the Canadian and US Stock Markets. For more information subscribe to their free newsletter

Dear member,

The media in America perpetuates fear that soon to be implemented policies will drive the US back into a recession.  Two issues commanding attention are theBush tax cuts, set to expire in January, and the automatic spending cuts ($2 trillion over 10 years) also set to begin in January. The media is sensationalizing these headlines and failing to miss a much larger, more obvious threat to the US economy.

With short-term interest rates frozen at close to 0% for more than 4 years, rising rates would destroy the US economy.

Peter Schiff, a highly respected and well-known financial commentator, explains the true danger (rising rates) to the American economy. Schiff is way ahead of the crowd on this one. Given the extensive coverage we’ve provided on the coming interest rate crisis, we felt it prudent to dedicate our weekend Volume to his recent analysis. [Read more →]

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Trading Penny Dreadfuls.

Why should the big rich corporations have all the fun? The small investor can seek out large returns as well..That is of course if they knew only how.

Are you looking to trade penny dreadful stocks to earn a good return on your money? Penny dreadful stocks can be profitable for some, but it can also be a sobering money-losing experience.

So what should you watch out for when you trade penny dreadful stocks? What are some of the strategies that professional traders use when trading in the penny dreadful sector? [Read more →]

July 16, 2012   Comments Off

The Big Picture Opportunities That Lead to Profit.

No one was expecting much from last week’s EU summit.

It was the 19th of its kind since the GFC began.

And history has taught us that these shindigs are only good for producing promises to make promises to think about fixing things sometime in the future.

But some progress was made, and the markets had an impressive rally. Commodities surged. Copper jumped 4.1%, gold was up 2.9%, and silver was up 4.2%.

The one that really stood out was oil.

Brent Crude oil surged 6.2% in a few hours. [Read more →]

July 3, 2012   Comments Off

Top Trader Says to Sell Australian Stocks – We Say Buy: See Why We’re Both Right.

Last night US stocks went up.

This morning Australian stocks are going up.

Is this the point where the bulls start beating up on the bears?

Or, as one trading guru told your editor yesterday afternoon, ‘Kris, this could be your last chance to sell.’

We agreed with him…which is why we replied, ‘That’s right, we’re buying.’

Confused? Don’t be. We’ll explain all below… [

June 28, 2012   Comments Off