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Why Cyberwarfare Has Become Big Business.

Why Cyberwarfare Has Become Big BusinessThere are undeclared wars going on all over the world today.

No, I’m not talking about simple border disputes in Africa or ongoing operations in Afghanistan. You won’t hear about these wars on the news, though some of the world’s leading countries are involved. In fact, it’s very likely that the US is involved in at least one of these ‘wars’ right now.

That’s because these conflicts are operating in the fifth domain of war: cyberspace — the latest battlefield after land, sea, air and space. I’ve noted in these pages before — war isn’t strictly kinetic anymore. The limit of an army’s reach is no longer the range of its biggest gun — a navy’s striking range is no longer measured in the miles its missiles can fly.

In the fifth domain of war, invisible signals race back and forth through wires and circuitry in an attempt to gain information or disable key systems. Professionals in the cyberwarfare businessoften refer to these programs as ‘computer network operations’, or CNOs, for short. And there are more ‘cyberwarriors’ each year.

Descriptions of cyberwar read more like science fiction than the annals of military history: Offensives jump off at the stroke of a key. The sentries are firewalls, encryptions and passwords. Viruses drop behind enemy lines like guerillas and sow confusion.

It’s a whole new way to wage war, and one that some predict will dominate international relations in coming decades. In fact, the increasing importance of cyberwarfare could well shake up the existing balance of military power around the globe. [Read more →]

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Money Weekend’s Technology FutureWatch 31 August 2013.

Money Weekend’s Technology FutureWatch 31 August 2013



A Meeting of the Minds On Steroids
Next week at the 02 Arena in London the world’s biggest electronic entertainment event will take place. As the organisers say, ‘Campus Party unites the brightest young minds in technology and science under the idea that “the Internet is not a network of computers, it’s a network of people.”

It’s a huge event for the whole week, running 24 hours a day. There will be keynotes from some of the brightest minds in global technology. Previous keynote speakers include Steve Wozniak, Michio Kaku and Al Gore. This year Professor Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland will be a keynote along with one of the men who worked on the ARPANET project, Vint Cerf.

There will also be a mix of technologists, futurists, developers and hackers. The technologies on display and being discussed will include security, big data, robotics, e-health and green tech.

Basically this is a nerd’s dream come true. And that means we’ll be there first hand to find the bestbreakthrough technologies and views on what the future might hold.

What you also need to recognise is events like this are crucial for the development of technology in the world. Because when you get so many minds together in one space, you can’t help but collaborate with each other. It’s a ‘meeting of the minds’…on steroids (not literally).

And when that kind of collaboration happens, breakthroughs occur, new ventures are formed, and problems are solved.

If we come across truly revolutionary tech we’ll reveal everything to Revolutionary Tech Investorsubscribers. But we’ll also share a few pics and snippets of information next weekend. Hopefully it will give you some insight as to just how important events like this are. [Read more →]

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Technology and The Future of Money and Banking.

Technology and The Future of Money and Banking

Today’s Money Weekend will continue our exploration into the future. We got a peek at what that might look like this week. PayPal founder and serial entrepreneur Elon Musk revealed plans for what he called the ‘Hyperloop’.

In case you missed it, Musk created a blueprint for a new transportation system.  He calls it a ‘cross between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table.’ We’re talking estimated speeds around 1,200km/h. Musk puts the travel time between Los Angeles and San Francisco at 35 minutes.

It’s giddy stuff. Transportation looks like it will be a big trend in the 21st century as the world population grows and urbanises. But any change on the scale of the Hyperloop looks a touch far away from here.

Investors need something closer to fruition to get excited. But a smaller technology story caught our eye this week, and might just be what they’re looking for… [Read more →]

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10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part II).

10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part II)

  1. In the Future Your Mind Will be the Most Powerful Computer You Own

The future of computing doesn’t exist in your phone, as a watch, or even as a pair of glasses.

Computing will transcend the devices we have today and are getting in the next year.

Computing will be immersed in your everyday life. Not as something you flip out of your pocket. Your entire world will become interactive. The way you see and what you see with will merely be the conduit for what is actually going on.

Your display might be glasses, or a contact lens. Bionic eyes might be better than having real ones. Either way everything you come in contact with will have embedded microchips and wireless communication built in.

It will allow for a completely augmented reality (AR). The information of the world will be available to you everywhere you look and think. Computing power will be embedded in your biology to enable you to fully interact with your physical world and your digital world through your 5 senses, and a 6th, your mind.

At first you may think that sounds a bit creepy. But think of the applications… [Read more →]

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10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part I)

10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part I)

It’s almost impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy. But that won’t stop me taking a stab at it. A big part of our new technology investment servicewill be working out which technologies have the best chance of succeeding and which will be a flash-in-the-pan.

What follows is just a sample of some of the technologies under development right now. Let me make this clear: I haven’t just made-up a lot of random futuristic ideas. The Revolutionary technologies you’ll read about below are projects being developed in laboratories and research centres round the world…

From hypersonic jet travel to near-space exploration and vacation, to medical and scientific breakthroughs that could rewrite the laws of physics.

It’s impossible to tell how many (if any) of these developments will succeed, but you should know that technology is rapidly changing the world. Even if none of these achieve commercial success, you can be sure that something just as incomprehensible and spectacular will. Read on for our take on the future… [Read more →]

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The Difference Between Great Technology and Great Technology Businesses.

The Difference Between Great Technology and Great Technology Businesses

How many times do you come up with an idea and think to yourself, ‘Wow, I should really do that.’

People in general have the capacity to come up with great ideas. We are all inherently creative to some extent. But there are a few key factors that separate great ideas from great technologies and from great businesses.

In this current global economic environment, a lot of businesses are struggling. There’s a lot of doom and gloom about. Yet it seems every other day there’s a story about successful technology companies making billions of dollars.

Recently the ‘Billion dollar Buy-out’ is the catch phrase running around tech hubs like Silicon Valley. But what takes a company from being worth nothing with a great technology to, to a billion dollar business?

Before we look at the answer first I should point out that, like with the English language there’s an exception to every rule. There are some companies that just have technology so good it sells itself.

A good example of that is Atlassian. Atlassian is an Australian private company that has no sales force, just a great software solution. They develop proprietary software that helps companies track information, analyse data, collaborate on documents and develop their own programs.

Not quite a billion dollar company yet, Atlassian has gone from start-up to about $200 million in just 10 years. Their clientele includes eBay, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. [Read more →]

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Genomics and Personalised Medicine: Why One Test Could Change Your Life.

Genomics and Personalised Medicine: Why One Test Could Change Your Life

Imagine a world where your medical treatment is 100% unique. Every diagnosis, treatment, drug and dietary change is tailored to you and you alone. Every treatment works in a predictable way, with a predictable timeframe and with predictable and minimised side effects.

In other words, imagine not worrying when you walk into the hospital. Instead of feeling like a car on an assembly line, you’ll be treated like the unique human being you are. Instead of seeing a specialist in a field of medicine, the information in your genome can turn any GP into a specialist in the field of ‘you’.

They’ll know what you’re at risk of and what symptoms to look for. They’ll know precisely what’s wrong with you instead of matching up your symptoms to a disease. They’ll know how to treat you, not the average human being.

Changing medicine in this way would fundamentally alter your quality of life in retirement.
It makes sense to individualise medicine. Your body is unique, after all. But to provide personalised medicine would surely require absurd amounts of tests, knowledge and expertise. Can you imagine the cost?

Well, thanks to the science of genomics, the cost is rapidly falling. You won’t believe how much. And you may only have to take one test…ever. [Read more →]

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The Hunt for the Next Tech Stock Superstars.

The Hunt for the Next Tech Stock Superstars

When do you know the stock market has bottomed?

About six months after it has happened.

It’s a sad fact for investors. You don’t know for sure that the market has hit rock bottom until long after the fact.

The Australian share market slumped more than 10% during the six weeks leading up to June 25. It’s up 7.9% since then.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the market has bottomed. We’re only talking three weeks. We’ll only know for certain if 25 June was a good time to buy five or six months from now.

But one thing we’re almost certain of is that there’s a changing of the guard in one of the world’s most important markets…

No. We’re not talking about the resource sector.

Quite frankly it’s hard to see anyone knocking the likes of BHP Billiton [ASX: BHP] or Rio Tinto [ASX: RIO] off their perch.

Even for all the attention given Fortescue Metals [ASX: FMG], it’s still barely one-sixteenth the size of BHP, and one-tenth the size of Rio. [Read more →]

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The Dark Side of Technology: Part 2.

The Dark Side of Technology: Part 2

Yesterday we told you your online activities have likely been monitored and your information already gleaned. But with some simple checks and measures in place you can reduce your risk.

Aside from The Dark Web, the shadowy underworld of online activity, there are some other aspects of technology that you need to concern yourself with.

Take for instance our ever increasing knowledge of the human genome and the current work to map the neurones and connections of the brain. This will help take the world forward in neuroscience and our understanding of human biology. It will also help us develop computer and artificial intelligence systems to improve the efficiencies of the world.

Don’t Think About It, It Might Land You in the Slammer

But of course there is a dark side to all this. What if particular brain activity and genes that you had meant that were potentially a psychopath, or a career criminal?

Think about it. What if because of your DNA, and your brainwaves, scientists could predict that you were more likely to commit crime in your life? [Read more →]

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The Dark Side of Technology: Part 1.

The Dark Side of Technology: Part 1

One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never!‘ – Winston Churchill

It’s with the words of Winston Churchill in mind that we need to confront an issue that will exist as long as we continue to drive forward as a connected, technologically advanced world. The issue we face lurks in the shadows and underground movements of the technological world we live in.

It’s the dark side of technology

There is ‘world ending’ potential that innately comes with great tech breakthroughs and innovation. It’s those that twist technology with the potential for good to be an instrument of evil and to take part in illegal, criminal activity that we must be aware of.

It’s the epitome of good vs. evil, Skywalker vs. Vader. [Read more →]

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