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Technology Trends: Don’t Get Left Holding a Video in a DVD World.

Technology Trends: Don’t Get Left Holding a Video in a DVD World

Today’s Money Weekend will talk about the most important industry of the next decade: technology. Some of the changes are shaping up to be like King Kong let loose in the city: highly disruptive. And that’s putting it mildly.

The first thing to do is to make sure you’re not in the path of the beast and in the companies getting knocked down. The second is to consider the businesses that stand to benefit after he’s crashed through. Technological change will rebuild economies and industries just as it destroys them.

Technology Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss
You might know already that Money Morning editor Kris Sayce is about to launch his new service,Revolutionary Tech Investor. He and technology analyst Sam Volkering will hunt all over the world to find the best companies who can make a motza from tech development. It’s an exciting project.

Take the latest report from the McKinsey Global Institute for example. It’s called ‘Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy.’

They argue that we’re on the verge of some massive changes over the next decade or more in 12 key sectors. These will impact how we live and work, not to mention reshaping whole industries and economies. The evolutionary rule will stand supreme: adapt or die. [Read more →]

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The Difference Between Great Technology and Great Technology Businesses.

The Difference Between Great Technology and Great Technology Businesses

How many times do you come up with an idea and think to yourself, ‘Wow, I should really do that.’

People in general have the capacity to come up with great ideas. We are all inherently creative to some extent. But there are a few key factors that separate great ideas from great technologies and from great businesses.

In this current global economic environment, a lot of businesses are struggling. There’s a lot of doom and gloom about. Yet it seems every other day there’s a story about successful technology companies making billions of dollars.

Recently the ‘Billion dollar Buy-out’ is the catch phrase running around tech hubs like Silicon Valley. But what takes a company from being worth nothing with a great technology to, to a billion dollar business?

Before we look at the answer first I should point out that, like with the English language there’s an exception to every rule. There are some companies that just have technology so good it sells itself. [Read more →]

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Six Revolutionary Technology Trends for the Next 20 Years.

Six Revolutionary Technology Trends for the Next 20 Years

In our world technological advances open many opportunities, includinginvestment opportunities and the potential to improve your lifestyle.

That means it’s the most exciting time to be alive as new technology hits the market and finds its way into your hands.

Below I identify (after extensive research) the six key technology trends that are happening right now in the world and which are set to shape our future…

Technology Trend #1: The Key to Everlasting Life?
Imagine a world where you’ll always be fit and healthy.

Picture new medical technologies that mean you can regrow and replace failing organs later in life…medical procedures that allow the repair of damage to your body with a simple injection.

In a world of regenerative medicine the potential is for new technologies to eradicate disease and put an end to aging.

Right now there are many different trials based on regenerative medicine from brain cell regeneration to bone fractures and heart failure. These trials are on the verge of solving some of the most puzzling diseases and illnesses. [Read more →]

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How Revolutions in Technology Can Shape Your Investments.

How Revolutions in Technology Can Shape Your Investments

The French revolution, the Arab Spring, and the peace & love revolution of the hippy generation – they all redefined their nations’ histories.

But history-defining revolutions don’t just start on the street.

They begin in technology research departments as well.

The technology that has become standard in the last ten years has been nothing short of revolutionary.

The internet, the personal computer, and the mobile phone; think how much each of them has changed your life.

The exciting thing is that technology never sleeps.

And the new technology emerging today will change your world as much in the next ten years, as current tech did in the last ten. It’s an exciting prospect.

But the really exciting thing is this: not only will you benefit from this technological revolution, but if you play your cards right, you can personally profit from investing in it too… [Read more →]

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10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part III)

10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part III)

  1. A Future Take on the Doctor’s House Call Cut your finger off with a knife in the kitchen?By the time an ambulance arrives, you get to the hospital, get looked at, fixed, and complete all the paperwork; it’s a long time between the accident and going home.

    But what if you had a surgeon at hand, at home? With the accuracy of a surgeon but better because human error is taken out of the equation. We’re talking a robotic doctor in your home.

    You could simply sit down with your now removed finger and let the robotic device do its work. Scan your injury, apply a local anaesthetic, assess the damage and then go about repairing it.

    Reconnect the blood vessels, fuse the bone together, stitch up the skin, disinfect the wound and bandage it up for you. This is about the capability of a ‘hospital in your home’.

    Robots are already used in surgeries. They’re more efficient and significantly more accurate than humans. Like many technologies, the bigger picture is to enable them at a consumer level. [Read more →]

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When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact.

When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact

We may have not seen the day when we have flying cars…but damn, are we getting close!

Early last year, for example, Google started testing self-driving cars. With Nevada taking the first leap of faith by giving them licenses, now they’re legal in Florida, California and Texas as well.

As of August 2012, over 300,000 autonomous hours are logged so far with a flawless safely record, unless you count the two accidents that happened when they were manually piloted.

This is just one example of how we have reached a tipping point.

Science and Technology is Changing the World…
Yet most people aren’t paying attention.

When the right minds and the right capital get behind such ambitious dreams, science fiction can become science fact. To see what I really mean, consider this…

You know about 3-D printing. But did you know that an Italian by the name of Enrico Dini has created a 3-D printer that’s capable of printing a two-story building? [Read more →]

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The Real Magic Of Apple.

What’s Apple doing at the moment? Possibly the greatest magic trick the corporate world has seen. And it scares me that a company of this size and stature seems to have lost their way.

Dan Denning went so far to say Apple might not even exist in the next 5 years.

The question that haunts me is why is a company that is supposed to make technology offering corporate bonds? They’ve lost sight of what they’re all about; making and inventing breathtaking technologies. That should be the real driver for the company.

Perhaps Apple haven’t been the tech-gods we’ve held them up to be. What if instead they’re actually the best magicians in the history of mankind?

Where David Copperfield could make the Statue of Liberty disappear, Apple it seems can make money disappear and products appear in its place. It’s the corporate version of the Shell Game. [Read more →]

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Why 2013 Might Be the Last Year You Drive a Car.

Why 2013 Might Be the Last Year You Drive a Car

Most people don’t realise their car is actually a powerful computer. Computers in modern cars control the multimedia system, sat-nav, dashboard and engine. And approximately one third of all computing in cars is just to tell you what’s going on.

Have you ever wondered…how does the car start after pushing the start button? How does it know there’s 24km left to empty? How does it know the rear left tyre is at 34 psi?

Because as a car moves through the production line, sensors, computers and millions of lines of computer code are installed.

Mercedes Benz claims their new S-Class model has over 30 Million lines of code. And that’s just for the multimedia system.

In comparison, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jets uses about 5.7 Million lines of code to operate its on-board systems. A Mercedes is more complex than a fighter jet!

But there’s more to these car-computers than just sat-nav and MP3?s. One of the aims of car makers is using technology for safety. Companies like Mercedes, Volvo and Audi are all working on their own version of a revolutionary safety project… [Read more →]

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Palantir’s Software is so Good its First Client Was the CIA.

Palantir’s Software is so Good its First Client Was the CIA

[Ed note: The following article first appeared in the 26 April Australian Small-Cap Investigator weekly update.]

Technology has a huge impact on how we fight terrorism and crimes against humanity. The high-tech gear used to catch the Boston Bombers demonstrated this.

You see bad guys have technology whiz-kids too. More than you’d like to know. So the real war is making sure the right side stays ahead of the technological curve.

It might sound a bit strange, but the heroes of our world are the computer engineers and coders. These people that create, innovate and invent to give the good guys the upper hand.

And there’s one company with an army of engineers and coders that’s at the forefront of this fight.

Because for this company war isn’t fought on battlefronts. The real war is in computer networks, data streams, and mountains of information.

To have the best information you need to be the best at making sense of it. In today’s world with huge amounts of data, it’s getting hard to gather clear and precise information. [Read more →]

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3D Printing: The Future Of The World.

We crossed another milestone in industrial history last week. Over the weekend of May 4-5, 2013, the world’s first handgun was printed on a 3-D printer. It was fired and it worked. The implications are dazzling for people all over the world. The 3-D printers will become cheaper over time. The files for printing can be distributed all over the world through the internet.

And no government in the world is in a position to stop it.

That’s not to say that governments won’t try. ‘It’s stomach-churning,’ said New York Sen. Charles Schumer of this remarkable innovation. ‘We’re facing a situation where anyone – a felon, a terrorist – can open a gun factory in their garage, and the weapons they make will be undetectable.’

A big advocate of gun control, his real goal is not to make the world a more peaceful place. He simply wants government to have all the guns and doesn’t want to make it easier for you and me to get them. He wants to retain the present disparity of power between government and the people and senses that something is upsetting the balance.

Therefore, of course, he wants to amend the law to make printed guns impossible. If you haven’t noticed, this seems to be the main thing government does these days. It puts barriers in the way of progress and tries to stop technological advance. [Read more →]

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