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Profit and Loss Form.

This is the form that I use for recording my “Profit and Loss” for taxation purposes.

Income-record Form.

This form is the one that I use to record any “Income” that I make from any source other than my work salary.

This is the form that I use for my “permanent records.” Feel free to adjust it to your own requirements.

This is the form that I use to record any expenses that occur while trading the stock market.You can adjust it to suit your own taxation circumstances.

This is the form that I use for taxation purposes.Some of you might find it useful.

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Taxation Ruling
TR 96/4
Income tax: valuing shares acquired as revenue assets
17. Where a taxpayer cannot identify shares either individually or by reference to share certificates, and the taxpayer does not maintain accounting records as outlined in this Ruling, the taxpayer cannot, for taxation purposes, specifically identify shares appropriated [...]

Daily update for Individuals.
The following information is new on since the last update:
Alumina: 2007 off-market share buy-back
Fact sheet advising of the CGT implications of the Alumina 2007 off-market
share buy-back.
Published: 15 Oct 2007

Westpoint collapse - tax return deductions and capital losses for 2006-07
Does this information apply to me?
Note: this information is for individual investors with Westpoint promissory notes.
This information applies to you if you are an individual and you:
• held a promissory note issued to you by a company in the Westpoint group when the company was [...]

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