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Gold and Silver: The Un-deletable Assets.

‘When at the summit of his power, he [King Canute] ordered a seat to be placed for him on the sea-shore when the tide was coming in; thus seated, he shouted to the flowing sea, “Thou, too, art subject to my command, as the Iwid on which I am seated is mine; and no one has ever resisted my commands with impunity. I command you, then, not to flow over my land, nor presume to wet the feet and the robe of your lord.” The tide, however, continuing to rise as usual, dashed over his feet and legs without respect to his royal person.

Then the king leaped backwards, saying: “Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and the sea obey by eternal laws.”‘ – The Chronicle, Henry of Huntingdon, 13th century The acts of central bank interest rate manipulation and government central planning are like King Canute trying to hold back the tide.

The difference is that Canute knew it was impossible for one man — however powerful — to influence the tide. So he showed his toadying bureaucrats that he was only human and not a God. [Read more →]

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One Company, Two World Class Mining Districts?: Comstock Metals (CSL:TSXV).

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Dear member,

The leader of our new Featured Company has come to find success in a different way than your typical mining CEO. He is not a wheeler and dealer. He is not one to be at the restaurant or conference promoting his company to every ear that will listen.

This man is a problem solver and one who lives for the discovery and the understanding of geological formations. He is a geological engineer by education and trade and lets his results speak for themselves. His passion lies in the hunt.

We will get to this CEO’s collective accomplishments, but first, you have to understand the story which brought us to the selection of our new Featured Gold Company - Comstock Metals (CSL:TSXV).

The CEO of our new Featured Company (Comstock Metals) is also leading another junior explorer which has been around for a couple years. He has already delivered drill hole results, with this other company, that the vast majority of geologists never find.

What kind of results? Less than 3 months ago this CEO delivered a drill hole which intersected 213.9 metres (m) of 1.63 g/t gold (g/t Au), starting at 11.70 metres depth. To say he has proven himself in the mining industry is an understatement. [Read more →]

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Buying Guns, Magazines and Petrol With Silver…

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Buying Guns, Magazines and Petrol With Silver…
by Shae Smith on 4 February 2012

A few days ago, it was rumoured India and Iran agreed to trade in hard assets… India will give Iran gold. In exchange, Iran will give India oil.

This is a huge trade. India imports about US$12 billion of Iranian oil each year. To give you an idea, $12 billion dollars of oil equals about 6.87 million ounces of gold!

In one transaction both countries have ignored the value of paper dollars. Instead, they’ve bartered one commodity for the other.

The thing is, the Indian-Iranian deal isn’t the first to use bullion as payment. But it may be the first on billion-dollar scale.

But one thing’s for sure. It’s further evidence that the way we value paper money is changing.

In fact, paying with bullion is happening more than you may think. It’s not just gold either. Consumers are using silver for smaller transactions…

Take the case of a US blogger. He recently revealed that two different people bought guns from him on eBay with silver coins.

Then there’s the Backwoods Home magazine in the US. If you don’t want to pay in cash, you can pay your subscription in silver coins. [Read more →]

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