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The Mayne Report 21st May 2013.

Here is the latest Mayne Report contributed by Stephen Mayne of Stephen regularly writes the Mayne Report. We highly recommend that you subscribe for his very informative newsletter. Click Here to subscribe or to view the full report..

Calling time on Lowy excess, referendum, MAV state council, kids footy and Patricia’s Skywhale.

Dear Mayne Report Readers,

Greetings for the first time since our last email edition on April 22. If you’d rather not receive these monthly newsletters, click here to unsubscribe.

This is not a bumper edition and there’s much more that could be said, but with just 9 days until the Westfield AGM, it was important to spread the word on plans to negotiate down excessive Lowy family pay on the floor of the May 29 AGM.

Finishing AGM mini-season with Boart brickbats and a strong Westfield campaign

The AGM mini-season for companies with December 31 balance dates is drawing to a close and the Australian Shareholders’ Association has been actively prosecuting its positions with major companies such as AMP, Rio Tinto, Caltex, Santos, Alumina and Woodside Petroleum.

Tomorrow’s Boart Longyear AGM in Melbourne should be a doozy as we’re recommending against two long-serving directors who’ve been on board as $3 billion has disappeared in the most disastrous IPO ever produced in Australia.

Those bearing the scars should not forget that Macquarie Bank made about $500 million flipping this business to Australian investors in April 2007. Check out our Voting Intentions report.

However, the most interesting engagement of the season will be the Westfield Group AGM on May 29 after we published these voting intentions on Friday. [Read more →]

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The Mayne Report Monday, April 22, 2013.

Here is the latest Mayne Report contributed by Stephen Mayne of Stephen regularly writes the Mayne Report. We highly recommend that you subscribe for his very informative newsletter. Click Here to subscribe or to view the full report..

Dear 16,000+ Mayne Report Readers,

Greetings for the first time since our last email edition on March 1 following the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) elections. We’ve got plenty of juicy material. If you’d rather not receive these supposedly monthly email newsletters, click here to unsubscribe. If you like them, tell your friends to sign up for free. And here is the URL for this bumper edition. Feel free to give it a push on twitter.

Councils set for constitutional recognition

The Australian has an exclusive front page story today (pay) revealing that Julia Gillard is set to keep her promise by having a referendum on constitutional recognition for local government in conjunction with the September 14 Federal election.

And it’s great news that Tony Abbott has reportedly promised to support it, securing the all important bipartisan agreement that is needed to update Australia’s most important governing document for the first time in decades.

City of Melbourne made a late formal entry to the debate last Tuesday when we unanimously passed the following motion:

That the Future Melbourne Committee:

1. notes that the Commonwealth Parliament’s Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Local Government has recommended “that a referendum on the financial recognition of local government be put to Australian voters at the 2013 federal election”;

2. reaffirms that financial recognition of local government in the Constitution is vital for the City of Melbourne (and all Australian municipalities) if it is to serve its citizens well by governing with financial sustainability;

3. agrees with the Joint Select Committee that a successful referendum will rely on cross-party support at the Commonwealth level as well as the support of State Governments;

4. therefore calls on the Victorian State Government to withdraw its opposition to any referendum on the question of financial recognition of local government; and

5. requests the CEO to acquaint the Victorian Local Government Minister of this resolution prior to her meeting with her State and Commonwealth counterparts in coming days. [Read more →]

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The Mayne Report December 2012.

Here is an excerpt from the latest Mayne Report contributed by Stephen Mayne of Stephen regularly writes the Mayne Report. We highly recommend that you subscribe for his very informative newsletter. Click Here to subscribe or to view the full report..

A headline grabbing 2012 AGM season for ASA

The 2012 AGM season was a very busy time for the Australian Shareholders’ Association with monitors attending more than 100 meetings in just 9 weeks and close to 200 reports being published on the ASA website. In addition to the normal focus on ASX200 companies, we also covered a number of smaller companies that were facing a “second strike” on their remuneration reports.

ASA generated a record amount of public discussion this season, largely due to the tactic of drawing greater attention to our various Voting Intentions reports. Whilst proxy advisors provide expensive private voting advice to institutional clients, ASA is the only body which deliberates on corporate voting and places our written recommendations into the public domain.

Voting Intentions with the likes of Centro, Billabong, Fairfax Media, Cabcharge, Tatts, Toll Holdings, Virgin Australia, Bluescope Steel and Mirvac all generated media coverage ahead of the AGM. [Read more →]

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Make Sure You Have A ‘Preparedness Kit’!

Today I want to talk to you about a group of people who call themselves ‘Preppers’.

I’ll explain who they are, what they do, and why they do it in a moment.

But first, let me put this into context with a quote from legendary investor Jim Rogers. Here’s what he said in October 2011:

If it turns into a trade war, it is the most momentous thing of 2011. Trade wars always lead to wars. Nobody wins trade wars, except general[sic] who end up fighting the physical wars when they happen. This is very dangerous.

Mr Rogers was talking about the relationship between the US and China. Of course, the trade war has already started. As the Guardian reported in September:

Fears of a trade war between the United States and China intensified on Monday after Barack Obama launched action at the World Trade Organisation to stop Chinese auto industry aid from threatening jobs in the key electoral battleground of Ohio.

Then there are currency wars. This was a subject Jim Rickards spoke about at an exclusive presentation to Port Phillip Publishing subscribers in August. [Read more →]

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Clothing For All: The Slow But Relentless Revolution.

I was out shopping for a new winter coat, hopping from store to store looking for a good deal. To my astonishment, it was almost impossible not to find a good deal.

In times when most everything has gone up in price and down in quality, clothing seems like an outlier. It made me curious about what’s happened in the world of clothing over the last 25 years or so. In this time, we’ve seen several major trends happen.

Anytime between the Great Depression and the end of the Reagan years, the clothing you bought mostly came from the local department store. Or you could order through a gigantic catalogue delivered to your home. That was about it.

Today, discount and secondhand stores are everywhere. You can get designer labels at prices that are surprisingly low. Or you can head to the local big box and pick up just about any sports clothes for a song.

Or you can decide to shop online, where you can get anything from sports clothes for next to nothing to high-end suits and shirts for $100 or so. If you know what you are doing, you can dress like Savile Row on a pauper’s budget. [Read more →]

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The Gold Bubble.

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Dear member,

Every asset bubble has two common traits. First, they all have a parabolic rise; that is when the bubble over-inflates, in a fury of buying at higher and higher prices. Aparabolic rise is an increase in value of roughly 75% (or more) within 12 months or less.

The second feature every asset bubble has is a violent crash shortly after peaking. We are talking about an extreme crash between 50% and 75% of the asset’s peak value. This crash typically concludes within 18 months of an asset hitting its peak value. So with that in mind…

If the gold bubble burst last September (14 months ago), as so many pundits said it did, why has it not collapsed even 30% in value from its peak? An even better question is, where was the parabolic rise in the first place?  [Read more →]

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The Mayne Report. October 2012.

Here is the latest Mayne Report contributed by Stephen Mayne of Stephen regularly writes the Mayne Report. We highly recommend that you subscribe for his very informative newsletter. Click Here to subscribe or to view the full report..

News Corp AGM, Billabong, Cochlear, Woolies EGM, corporate voting, Doyle, cheese platters, Manningham and Boomers.

Dear 16,000+ Mayne Report readers,

The AGM season and Victorian council elections are both peaking right now so there’s plenty going on to warrant another missive 6 days after last Sunday’s bumper edition. If you’re not interested, click here to unsubscribe.

News Corp AGM

It wasn’t exactly in accord with ASA policy of being ready 14 days before the AGM, but this comprehensive News Corp Voting Intentions report was finally loaded up onto the ASA website at about 3am on Tuesday morning, 25 hours before Rupert fronted shareholders in Los Angeles.

It took about three hours to put together so do take a look. The data tracking the $360 million in salary paid to the Murdoch men over the past 13 years has never been put together before.

Paul Barry attended the AGM and filed for Crikey, but declined my invitation to be ASA’s proxy on the basis that he was an independent journalist.

Yes, and ASA is proudly independent too. Paul’s Crikey piece lamented the lack of tough questions at the AGM. Indeed Paul, you flew all the way from France to LA and then declined an opportunity to put the world’s most powerful bloke through his paces. His AGM report could have been just as easily written off the webcast.

The News Corp voting results were very interesting with clear majority support from the neutral shareholders for an independent chair and an end to the outrageous voting gerrymander. [Read more →]

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Small Cap Gold Stocks.

This exceptional educational Newsletter is contributed by Eric at TradingAustralianShares. Subscribe to receive his free Newsletter.

Small Cap Gold Stocks.

Let us have a look at some small cap gold stocks. I like them to be producers or close to production and if possible, debt free. Hard to find? They are there.

Gold is moving up nicely, however I believe that it is more profitable to invest in gold stocks, rather then gold itself. What does it all mean? Simply gold stocks are often rising faster than the gold price itself. You can probably profit from holding gold, but even more so from the right gold stocks. In the last newsletter, we discussed 2 gold stocks, MOY and MYG.

At that time, we could have bought MOY at 0.0265 after waiting for confirmation, today it stands at 0.033. MYG would have given us a buy signal at 0.125, this stock has actually remained flat and is now still at 0.11. Still worthwhile keeping in the watch list. [Read more →]

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Trading Australian Shares Newsletter September 2012.

This exceptional educational Newsletter is contributed by Eric at TradingAustralianShares.Subscribe to receive his free Newsletter.

Hi Traders,

In this newsletter, I want to have a look at some emerging gold producers. Spot gold continued its upward trend and briefly pushed through the US$1700 an ounce technical barrier, before easing back to US$1692.

Gold has been the star commodity performer of late spurred on by the potential of more stimulus by
the Federal Reserve. Although still well down from the peak of just over US$1900 an ounce around a year ago, Australian
gold producers and near term producers are set to benefit. [Read more →]

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The Trading Game Monthly Newsletter September 2012.

This informative newsletter was contributed with the kind permission of Louise Bedford who is one of Australia’s most recognised private traders.  Louise is also the best-selling author of The Secret of Writing Options, The Secret of Candlestick Charting, Trading Secrets and Charting Secrets.

I highly recommend them to you as they are invaluable in locating those profitable stocks.  You will find this article plus a host of other invaluable information by clicking on this link or why not subscribe to their free newsletter. Click Here.

The newsletter other trading professionals demand

I’ve started to feel a bit rejected… a bit unloved. And even though this is difficult to talk about, I feel I have to say something.
You never look at me anymore.

I can barely even remember when you last really looked at me. I can also barely remember when you held me in your arms and just focussed on what I had to say and what’s important to me. Can you even remember when you listened to me? It seems like such a long time ago.

Sometimes I blame myself. I’m too chunky in some places but too skinny in others. Is this why you don’t look at me any more? Do I embarrass you?
You know, by hurting me, you’re really hurting yourself.
So, where does this leave us? Do I still make your heart race when you think of the freedom I can provide for you? Or would you prefer that I just vanish - like so many other good things in your life?
I can see you cringing right now. You’re feeling guilty for a reason. [Read more →]

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