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By Michelle Coleman, Vincent Power, John Gorman & Rhoda Downie
There is no doubt that 2007 marked a watershed for Australian property and the economy. After years of steady and sometimes spectacular growth, the US sub-prime crisis of mid 2007 has had a profound impact on the world’s financial markets and the future of the Australian [...]

By Tim Riley.
We are living in strange times when it comes to finance. In the last 6 months Australian borrowers have been hit with banks and non-bank lenders raising their interest rates independently of the Reserve Bank, have found it harder to obtain finance because of ever changing credit assessment guidelines, and have found it [...]

By Bill Zheng
One of the main reasons to invest is to have a passive income that is large enough to one day provide the life style of our choice. So cash flow is a major consideration for most property investors in Australia. In this article we will examine a few aspects of cash flow [...]

By Michael Yardney
While real estate agents will tell you the most important factor in choosing a good property is “location, location, location” this isn’t really true. There is a lot more to finding a good investment property.
Imagine we were back in 2003, the peak of a real estate boom, the Australian economy was performing well [...]

Interest rates up, stock markets down, a credit crisis worsens, oil prices notch up a record price, China is looking like it is about to export inflation, our currency rises and then falls in value, the US is clearly moving into difficult times and housing markets are taking a breather. What year we have had [...]

Once upon a time, there were two little boys playing around in the bush and having a good time. Suddenly a big bear appeared from nowhere. While they were both scared to death, one of the boys immediately bent down and started putting his runners on. The other boy was confused and asked: ‘we [...]

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One of the hottest topics you would find in the investment industry is about Market Timing. 90% of the effort from all experts has gone to predict what [...]

There is a huge amount of historical data available on property these days. House prices, rent rates, interest rates, macroeconomic data, microeconomic data and other financial data that all could be relevant. So what data is relevant and what is not? What is the best way to find out where the hottest suburbs are?
At Residex [...]

By Doug Bannister & Regina Looi
Question of the Month: March 2008
I understand how to form a finance strategy using full-doc loans but have reached a point where I want to start including low or no-doc loans into my strategy. I understand the basic details of low/no-doc loans but would like to know exactly how to [...]

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