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Some good news from basket case corner: specifically for the suffering holders of securities in Centro Properties and Allco Finance Group.
Centro Properties Group, whose implosion last December triggered the 2008 slump in the Australian stockmarket when it failed to rollover huge debts on December 17, revealed yesterday that it is selling some of the shopping [...]

Melbourne-based listed investment company; Mirrabooka Investments expects financial markets to remain cautious for some time, after posting a fall in annual operating profit in the year to June, a period described by the chairman as “turbulent”.
Mirrabooka is associated with the broking and investment bank, Goldman Sachs JBWere. The main company is Australian Foundation Investment Co [...]

By Michael Yardney
A recent survey in The Economist Magazine suggested that Australia has the most over valued residential property in the world. Once again they predict a property crash in Australia as do a number of commentators
This makes for scary reading and I understand why many home owners and investors are nervous, but a property [...]

By Bill Zheng
The doom and gloom talk about mortgage rates and mortgage stress is overdone for the Australian market, at least for the reasons it has been quoted for.
Let me start with some simple ways to predict the movement of interest rates and property prices for a market economy like ours.
Money is very intelligent; it [...]

By Bill Zheng

I have a confession to make.
Over the last 12 months, like many property investors, I have been anxious about what the property and finance markets will bring over the next few years. I have been more anxious than what I would like to admit in public as I am expected to know [...]

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Here are a few words from the Moderator of Topstocks.
We’ve been working hard over the past few months to deliver you a site that best reflects your needs as a share trader/investor in [...]

By Lee Dittmer
Ask The Experts - Question of the Month:
Subscriber Janice D asks, “should I fix my loan or do you think we are almost at the top of the interest rate rises? Also my mortgage has gone up over $600 a month with all the rises lately yet when I asked about putting the [...]

By Robert Dugan
In the current climate of ‘doom and gloom’ it’s easy to fall under the spell of the mainstream media and the ‘end of the world’ stories. There’s no denying that in the US it’s time for certain sectors of the market to accept that major changes are coming their way.
There will be a [...]

By Michael Yardney
A global credit crunch; US sub-prime crisis; US economy heading for recession; stock markets down; interest rate hikes; housing affordability plummets to an all time low; unprecedented rental supply shortage; lenders tightening their belts.
The incessant media hype surrounding our property markets on a daily basis has been overwhelming to say the least. I [...]

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