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Prosperity Goldfields (PPG:TSXV): The Hallmarks of a New Canadian Gold Camp.

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Dear member,

The co-founder and CEO of Underworld Resources, which was acquired by Kinross Gold in a deal worth C$139.2 million in 2010, is the President of our new Featured Gold Company.

Before we introduce our Featured Gold Company of 2013, it is important we quickly explain the historic achievement of Underworld.

Underworld was a Canadian exploration company that began hunting for hard rock gold deposits in the Yukon around 2007. The company’s CEO and co-founder was Adrian Fleming, regarded as one of the best explorers in the business, and for good reason.

Fleming gained fame as a member of the team that discovered the Porgera Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea, which is regarded as one of the world’s top ten producing gold mines. He was the regional exploration manager for Placer Dome in Sydney, Australia, and was instrumental in the discovery and/or development of major discoveries such as Australia’s Big Bell MineGross Rosebel Mine in Suriname, and the Hope Bay Gold Project in northern Canada. [Read more →]

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Ireland’s 1.6 Billion Barrel Oil Awakening.

Could Ireland finally be about to see some good news?

After crashing into a deep recession, the Irish are now hoping that one industry could pull the economy out of trouble. That industry is oil and gas.

Last month, Tony O’Reilly Junior announced Ireland’s first commercial oil find, and he believes that it could trigger interest from the international oil industry and set off a new round of oil exploration.

I say ‘new’ because those with good memories will recall a wave of exploration that culminated in a wholesale plunge on a share called Atlantic Resources.

Founded and financially backed by Tony O’Reilly Senior (now Sir Anthony), Atlantic Resources reported an oil find off the coast of Waterford. Half of Ireland piled in behind their favourite son, rushing Atlantic’s share price up.
But it all ended in tears. [

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Canada Zinc Metals (CZX) is Our New Featured Company.

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Salman Partners suggest how investors can play the imminent shortage of zinc and list Canada Zinc Metals as one of the few alternatives for the development of zinc resources. Recently, the firm commented:

“We believe that, beginning next year, the world faces an increasing shortage of zinc mines. The opening up of the Akie district could help Canada make an important contribution to alleviating such a shortage.”

Dear member,

The zinc market is approaching a tipping point. Independent mining research firms across the globe are projecting a massive supply deficit for zinc in the coming years. The reason for this projected deficit is simple. Many of the world’s largest zinc mines are permanently shutting down operations as the economic ore has run dry. Furthermore, there are very few new zinc mines being developed. Meanwhile, demand for zinc systematically continues to rise.

image source: www.crugroup.com
Lundin Mining’s Galmoy Zinc Mine in Ireland has closure plans approved by regulatory authorities and remains on schedule to be shut down prior to the end of 2012. Xstrata’s Brunswick Mine, the world’s largest underground zinc mine, is scheduled for closure in 2013.

The Century Mine in Australia, the country’s largest open pit zinc mine, is scheduled to begin the closing process in 2013. The Lisheen Mine in Ireland, one of the largest producers of zinc concentrates in Europe, has an approved closure plan in place as well. These are just some of the major zinc mines scheduled for closure in the near-future, and account for a loss of roughly a million metric tons of zinc production annually. This loss of production will equate to nearly 10% of the entire world’s annual zinc consumption.

The last time the zinc market entered a supply deficit, its price more than quadrupled from under $0.40 to over $2 a pound in less than two years.  The deficit occurred from 2004 through 2006. Look at zinc’s rapid price increase during that deficit period:

The projected zinc supply deficit in the near-future is predicted to be more than twice as severe as the one in the mid 2000′s. And given the lack of near-term production zinc projects in the world, the deficit could last much longer than the previous. Reuters reported that analysts believe the zinc market is heading for the tightest supply conditions in 30 years.

With global zinc demand growing 1-3% annually, and it being the fourth most consumed metal in the world, new zinc mines are desperately needed. [Read more →]

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What South Africa’s Mining Turmoil Means for Investing in Gold.

Gold prices recently have risen due to global central bank stimulus measures, but the true movement in the market stems from much more than QE3.

Precious metals investors no doubt have seen the recent headlines coming out of South Africa. Violent strikes (resulting in dozens of deaths) and work stoppages have plagued the platinum industry there in the past few months.

The causes of the labor unrest include poor wages and unsafe working conditions. There has also been a tussle for power between two warring labor unions – the Nation Union of Mineworkers and the far more militant Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union.

The result of all this turmoil is quite obvious for the global platinum market.

The majority of the world’s platinum, roughly 80%, comes from South Africa. Not to mention that 90% of that production comes from a limited area, the Western Bushveld region of the country. [Read more →]

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The Big Oil and Gas Boom in the USA.

The USA has had a rather rocky relationship with oil. In the 19th century, the discovery of massive reserves of oil set America on course to become a hugely powerful nation. Cities started to flourish. And vast suburbs sprung up as the country adapted to cheap car travel.

More recently, America has had to curb its consumption. The era of gluttonous oil consumption came to an end as the USA became dependent upon imported oil.

The USA began to feel the strain of rising oil prices. When oil spiked during the financial crisis, Americans left their car at home. And industrial oil consumption collapsed.

But now, thanks to two new commercially deployed drilling techniques, the USA is set to free up an abundance of trapped gas and oil. And that could help the US economy back on its feet. [Read more →]

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Luxury Firm Burberry Highlights the Chinese Slowdown.

Hopefully you weren’t one of the shareholders in Burberry who got a nasty shock.

The fashion brand saw its share price tank by 21% as it warned that a slowdown in sales would hit profits. Sales at stores open for at least a year were flat, and have turned negative in recent weeks.

Burberry may have been the first of its peers to warn on profits, but we suspect it won’t be the last.

China’s slowdown is bad news for luxury goods [Read more →]

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Are Apple Shares Still a Great Investment?

Apple shares just seem to keep going up and have increased by over 80% during the last year. Virtually every Wall Street analyst is a buyer. Some commentators talk of Apple having a market value of $1trn one day.

But can the good times continue?

Only if Apple can keep its customers happy and fend off its competition without cutting prices. And here, history is not on its side.

                          Apple Has Great Products and Great Profits


Apple is a phenomenon. It has a range of products in the form of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers that customers love. Across the world people have been buying its products in droves and Apple’s profits and Apple’s share price have soared. [Read more →]

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The SPDR Gold Trust Sets a Double Bottom.

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Dear member,

While the TSX Venture continues to toil below 1200, it is clearly building support and is primed for a move higher as we approach the fall. With the US Presidential Election just three months away, politicians and central bankers in the Western World are going to do whatever they can to maintain a positive and calm economic environment.

Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, has pledged to do ‘whatever it takes.’ These words will not be seen as ‘empty’ for much longer.  Italy and Spain will soon be knocking at the ECB‘s door; threatening civil unrest and insolvency.

The ECB will act - most likely within 30 days. Just like the Federal Reserve, the ECB is out of options and will print money to aide dismal growth and insolvent countries.

Since July of last year the ISI (International Statistic Institute) has reported that 228 stimulative monetary and fiscal policy moves have been initiated across several countries, including the Philippines, China, France, and Colombia. [Read more →]

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Sorry, Facebook is Still Only Worth $7.50 a Share.

The technorati took me to task. So did Wall Street.

They were agitated by an article I wrote in May explaining why the world’s most hotly anticipated IPO, Facebook was worth a mere $7.50 a share at best.

‘Out of touch,’ one of the critics said. A ‘luddite’ charged another.

‘Doesn’t grasp the significance of so many users,’ one Wall Street insider opined – who happened not coincidentally to work for one of Facebook’s investment bankers.

Since then the social media darling has fallen another 31% to nearly $22 a share. Ten weeks later, Team Hoodie hasn’t done much to merit an upgrade either. [Read more →]

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Comstock Metals Makes a New Discovery in the White Gold District.

This article is contributed by Pinnacledigest.com. One of the TOP sites for up to date information on the Canadian and US Stock Markets. For more information subscribe to their free newsletter.

Dear member,

As the dog days of summer roll on there is a group of men and women working tirelessly to find new gold discoveries in the Northern reaches of Canada. As we’ve discussed in numerous past newsletters, the White Gold District remains the most exciting, emerging gold camp in Canada.

Volume on the TSX Venture and major exchanges picked up this week after the ECB basically guaranteed it will do whatever it takes to hold the EU together. With the Federal Reserve, ECB and Bank of England all meeting next week, it should give gold and precious metal equities a bump. As July gives way to August and investors begin to anticipate and prepare for a more robust and profitable fall period, we expect the Venture to build positive momentum.

Exploration companies continue to spend record amounts on project development; and although significant gold discoveries are being made, the economics behind each discovery will determine which companies are ultimately pursued by majors. [Read more →]

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