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Welcome to the Modern Oil Age.

Welcome to the Modern Oil Age

Far offshore and deep beneath the seabed lies the future of the oil industry.

There’s a long, fascinating story here. But the short version is that in the past couple of decades, geologists have come to understand that there are large volumes of oil offshore. There’s a vast new hydrocarbon resource in the deep offshore waiting to be found.

In some areas of the deep offshore, the geology is such that you can actually ‘move the reserve needle’ with large finds. We’re talking about the possibility of finding hundreds of millions of barrels of oil in one place, or even billions of barrels. It’s quite a prize.

In fact, this new deep-offshore frontier makes for immense energy numbers, with strategic implications for an oil-constrained future. [Read more →]

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Media Using Exxon Oil Spill to Spread ‘Evil’ Propaganda about Keystone XL.

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Aaron Hoddinott's picture
Written by Aaron Hoddinott

Much of the media wants us to believe big oil companies are evil. And like so many prejudices, that is just wrong.

Big oil companies make mountains of cash because they provide a product that keeps our economy moving. Without oil, our economy collapses, plain and simple.

I’d say that if you provide a vital economic product such as oil (and produce it in accordance with the law), you deserve to make profits hand over fist. There is nothing wrong with that. Like it or not, our economic engine, for the time being, is addicted to oil.

And let’s not disregard the fact that many of the biggest oil companies on the planet are the largest investors in renewable energy technologies. They aren’t evil enterprises, they are commercial enterprises.

On Friday Reuters reported “Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline, which can carry more than 90,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude from Patoka, Illinois to Nederland, Texas, was shut after the leak was discovered late Friday afternoon in a subdivision near the town of Mayflower. The leak forced the evacuation of 22 homes.”

Exxon is still cleaning up the mess right now. Obviously, this incident is terrible to see as the environment will suffer because of it and residences of the area have been evacuated. [Read more →]

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The Small Cap Miners Operating Deep in the West African Jungle.

The Small Cap Miners Operating Deep in the West African Jungle

Mining executives often like to describe their business as an exercise in earth moving. Maybe because they are not geologists they downplay the challenge of finding the stuff in the first place.

Instead they concentrate on the physical challenge and cost of digging it up, sorting the metal from the ore and taking it to the nearest railway line or shipping terminal.

Sometimes this process runs smoothly. In countries with established mining industries, with modern transport networks and power grids, mining is a simple business. But today’s miners are increasingly going where no miner has gone before, and they are finding that the necessary infrastructure does not exist.

One of the most exciting new mining regions is in West Africa, on the borders of Cameroon, Gabon and the Republic of Congo. Such is its wealth of iron ore that it has been called the new Pilbara – the rich iron ore region of Western Australia – but it is several hundred miles inland and unless a way can be found of getting the ore to the coast, commercial development will not be possible.

Why go to the trouble? Well, because of the potential for huge gains, of course. I’ll point to a few very attractive prospects today[Read more →]

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Trading Near a 52 Week Low and Drilling.

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Dear member,

When we selected Prosperity Goldfields (PPG:TSXV) as our client and Featured Gold Company, we did so based on the fact that it had the finances capable of funding an aggressive drill program in the near-term (4,000 metre program currently underway), the track record of its management (particularly in respect to its President, Adrian Fleming), the previous results to date on its 100% owned Kiyuk Lake Gold Project and that it had recently bounced off a 52 week low.

While the share price of Prosperity is down since our introduction in January (back trading near its 52 week low like many juniors), the company is on track with its project development plans that were laid out earlier this winter.

At the end of February Prosperity announced the mobilization of personnel to Kiyuk Lake, Nunavut in preparation for its two-drill, 4000m winter drill program. Drilling has been ongoing and assay results from the first few holes are expected in the first half of April (just a few weeks away).

With a large chunk of junior explorers on the sidelines this winter - many are preserving capital or simply can’t afford to drill - the speculative field of exploration has shrunken from our point of view.

As long-time traders of the junior resource market, we all know that without drilling or a significant work program, a junior exploration company will likely have a tough time gaining any traction in the market. And while drill programs are speculative in their very nature and come with inherent risk given that a company could miss and come up with duds, they also have the potential to expand on previous zones or what we all hope for, potentially make a new discovery. [Read more →]

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Italy is Solvent – and that’s Just One Reason to Buy Italian Stocks.

Italy is Solvent – and that’s Just One Reason to Buy Italian Stocks

I’ve been banging a drum for Italian stocks for a while. The election results, of course, put a dent in progress.

But despite the chaos, I think this is a buying opportunity. And I’m not the only one…

Arguing the Case for the Italian Economy
I was interested to read a piece from Albert Edwards at Société Générale arguing the case for investing in Italy’s economy. For those who don’t already know, Edwards is probably one of the most bearish commentators around. So when he says ‘buy’, it’s worth taking note.

Edwards isn’t at all upbeat on the eurozone. Like us, he finds it hard to believe that the euro can be sustained in the long run, due to the basic impracticality of having such different economies all bound together under the one central bank.

Nor is he particularly upbeat about Italy’s economic outlook. From a structural point of view, the country has huge problems. Among developed nations, Italy has fewer graduates (in percentage terms) than any country other than Portugal. The World Bank reckons it’s harder to do business in Italy than it is in Romania.

However, there’s one key area where Italy’s economy is in a better position than any of the other ‘peripheral’ countries. And that’s on debt.

Italy’s economy has a horrible level of official national debt (the total debt pile). It clocks in at around 127% of GDP. However, its annual overspend – the deficit – is remarkably low. [Read more →]

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My Wife and Warren Buffett.

My Wife and Warren Buffett

Don’t worry, we’re not about to reveal something salacious.

But as you know, we’re always looking for signals to warn you that the stock market is about to change direction.

Yesterday on our Google+ page we noted that Geoff Wilson from Wilson Asset Management has slapped a 6,000 point target on the S&P/ASX 200.

That’s 17.7% above yesterday’s closing price.

Big calls like that always put us on edge.

But that isn’t the only sign that has us questioning our bullish outlook. The first was something your editor’s wife said to us as she balanced the books for our weekly budget…

For some months the share trading account of our self-managed super fund has appeared on the same login as our everyday bank account.

It means we can see the account balance without having to log in to the trading account.

But for most of that time the missus didn’t mention a thing…perhaps she hadn’t noticed. Then about three weeks ago she noticed…and every week since she’s noticed the value rising and gotten more excited. [Read more →]

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The Poster-Child for the US Shale Gas Revolution.

The Poster-Child for the US Shale Gas Revolution

There’s been plenty of celestial action in the last few days.

An asteroid, 2012 DA14, missed the earth by a whisker on Saturday morning.

When I say whisker, it missed us by just 27,000 kilometres. But for context, the moon is 384,000 km away, so the asteroid was pretty close. If it had hit planet earth it would have wiped out everything for at least a few hundred kilometres.

And just when all the telescopes were pointed that way, another asteroid snuck up on us from the other direction. It burnt through the Russian skies, injuring 1,000 people as its sonic boom shattered windows.

Two totally unrelated one-in-a-century asteroid events in a single day! Where’s Bruce Willis when you need him? [Read more →]

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Our Big Bet of 2013: Calyx Bio-Ventures (CYX:TSXV).

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Dear member,

Our new client and Featured Company, Calyx Bio-Ventures (CYX:TSXV), will undoubtedly represent the largest trade we make in 2013. Calyx owns a majority interest in a game changing renewable energy company that was recently a part of aviation history.

When it comes to renewable energy investing, a sector with which we have been involved for many years, a company must have what we refer to as the 5 M’s:Mission, Mandates, Management, Money and a low Market Cap.

Calyx Bio-Ventures’ mission is a remarkable one and that’s why we are introducing it to you. The company’s operating subsidiary, in partnership with the government of Canada, Chevron Lummus Global and Applied Research Associates, recently made world history in what Popular Science Magazine referred to as one of ”The Big Science Stories of 2012″.

How was world history made?

The NRC (National Research Council of Canada) flew the world’s first jet in civil aviation history that was powered by 100 percent biofuel, with no engine modifications made!

How is our new Featured Company involved?

The biofuel used in the historic flight was produced from exclusive oilseed feedstock (known as carinata) from Calyx Bio-Ventures’ operating subsidiary, Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. (Agrisoma), and refined into jet fuel by Applied Research Associates and Chevron Lummus Global. [Read more →]

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Long Live the Twinkie! How Bankruptcy Became the Twinkie’s Saviour.

Long Live the Twinkie! How Bankruptcy Became the Twinkie’s Saviour

You remember when Hostess declared bankruptcy last November? There were outcries that the iconic snack pastry would be gone forever. Speculators began to stockpile the tasty treats

As Zero Hedge documented, eBay featured the following items:

  • For a price of $89.95, three boxes of SEALED Box of Hostess Chocodiles 3×10 Chocolate Twinkies
  • For a price of $99.99, four boxes of SEALED Box of Hostess Chocodiles 4×10 Chocolate Twinkies
  • For a starting bid of $500, one Box of Twinkies; Unopened
  • For a starting bid of $10, and a price of $595, a box of 10, opened and half-eaten
  • For a starting bid of $5,000, a single Twinkie
  • And finally, for a starting bid of $10,000 … a box of Twinkies (‘one of the last boxes that will be available, its seller helpfully notes, before the Zombie Apocalypse’)

Even now, there’s a rotting Twinkie for sale on eBay. Supposedly, Twinkies will remain edible for decades, even outliving their cellophane wrappers (or so goes the mythology). [Read more →]

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Why the News Could Get Worse for Apple Shareholders.

image description

‘Nokia started as a wood-pulp and paper company in 1865 before expanding into rubber, electronics and eventually telecommunications. The company has paid a dividend every year since at least 1871…’ – Bloomberg News

In investing everything is certain until it isn’t.

Nokia continued to pay dividends while Finland experienced Russian Tsarist occupation, Soviet communist invasion, and a Nazi Germany-assisted counter-attack against the Reds.

All through this time, even through the dot-com bust, Nokia kept dishing out dividends to investors. That was until now. 143 consecutive years of dividend payments has ended.

For 143 years a Nokia dividend was as reliable as the sun coming up in the morning. Except in the winter months in Northern Finland when the sun doesn’t come up at all, but you get the point.

But Nokia isn’t the only stock that upset investors this week. And if one top analyst is right, for this stock further disappointment is on the way… [Read more →]

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