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The Real Magic Of Apple.

What’s Apple doing at the moment? Possibly the greatest magic trick the corporate world has seen. And it scares me that a company of this size and stature seems to have lost their way.

Dan Denning went so far to say Apple might not even exist in the next 5 years.

The question that haunts me is why is a company that is supposed to make technology offering corporate bonds? They’ve lost sight of what they’re all about; making and inventing breathtaking technologies. That should be the real driver for the company.

Perhaps Apple haven’t been the tech-gods we’ve held them up to be. What if instead they’re actually the best magicians in the history of mankind?

Where David Copperfield could make the Statue of Liberty disappear, Apple it seems can make money disappear and products appear in its place. It’s the corporate version of the Shell Game. [Read more →]

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US Markets Gone Wild.

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The US stock markets have risen to dizzying heights, trading at or within a few points of all-time nominal highs. This recovery, led by the Federal Reserve and its cheap money, ironically has left gold and many commodities reeling.

USD: The Best of a Bad Lot

For commodity investors, the health of the USD has to be a constant focus. The dollar’s top in 2010 and subsequent decline led to a new all-time high in gold as the greenback came under pressure amidst debt ceiling discussions and consecutive years of $1 trillion plus deficits. The debt ceiling has been kept quiet of late, but the deficits are still here (and getting bigger).

The strong USD (of late) is being sustained by the general fallout in Europe and the announced doubling of Japan’s money supply, which came in early April. These two historic occurrences have kept the dollar as a safe haven currency, despite record low interest rates and a struggling economy. [Read more →]

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Blueseed: The New Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Blueseed: The New Pirates of Silicon Valley

To invest in the best batches of tech start-ups, there’s naturally no better place to look in the USA other than Silicon Valley.

It’s the technology nerve centre where ideas, capital and culture find chemistry and generate more venture capital and filed patents than anywhere else in the United States.

Those opportunities can be difficult to invest in, and I’m talking about before their inflated IPO prices. And the best start-ups that don’t make it to IPO status are intercepted by quick and quiet acquisitions. Google, for example, since 2009 has been acquiring one company per week.

But two extraordinary entrepreneurs have founded a company with a novel solution.

It’s called Blueseed.

It was inspired by those who’ve experienced even more difficulty investing and/or founding start-ups in Silicon Valley. That is, it was inspired by immigrants. Why? [Read more →]

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How One Company Is Set To Revolutionise Consumer Medicine.

One company is in the process of getting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a ground-breaking medical device. As the company’s Founder states:

[To] put the diagnostic experience of a hospital into the consumers’ hands.

By the way this medical device isn’t just some home blood glucose reader or a digital thermometer.

This is a revolution in consumer medical devices.

Where the telephone changed the way we communicate with each other, this device will change the way we manage our health and interact with our healthcare providers.

Who Is This Breakthrough Company? Right now you can only get diagnostic information about your own health and vital signs at the hospital or doctor. However there is one company pioneering a new consumer medical diagnostic device.

California-based Scanadu, is a personalised health electronics device company that has created a medical device to bring the same level of diagnostic information from hospitals and doctors to the palm of your hand.

Scanadu is the only company in the world right now that has such a comprehensive device. The fact it’s at the start line to enter consumer markets is even more exciting.

The data that you’ll have at your fingertips is unrivalled. The ability to make informed decisions about your own health, and the health of your family has never been so close to your home until now. [Read more →]

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Apple: Cash or Trash?

Apple: Cash or Trash?

With Apple Inc. off nearly 50% from its US$705.07 a share high set last September, many investors want to know if it’s a buy.

Not in my book. Here’s why:

1. The company has held on to its premium pricing strategy for too long. Going out on price as it has recently with iPhones, for example, is the death knell of competitive differentiation. Businesses that engage in price wars have a very difficult time climbing back up the proverbial ladder.

2. The present management team is having trouble fulfilling the late Steve Jobs’ vision, and execution appears to be stumbling. The Maps thing, for instance, was an unmitigated disaster and shattered Apple’s image of invincibility. The public noticed.

3. Apple has lost its ‘head start’. The company used to be one to four years ahead of everybody else with every aspect of its design, function and software, especially when it came to iPads and iPhones. Now they’re lucky to have six months…if that. Apple owned the vanguard in devices. Now it’s simply one choice among many.

4. Consumers no longer feel the need to upgrade every time something new comes out. Better, bigger, and cheaper smart phones from Samsung, HTC and other makers have displaced the ‘gotta have it’ drive for everyday people. Diehards and early adopters will never change; it’s just that their numbers have gotten smaller as the numbers of those seeking utility have gotten larger. [Read more →]

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Where is the Exploration Money Going?

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Pacific Potash (PP:TSXV), like many juniors, has seen its share price battered over the past two years. Take a look at the company’s two year stock chart below.

Does the chart look familiar? Pacific Potash’s stock chart probably looks very similar to a junior explorer, or two, sitting in many portfolios. However, there may be a few significant differences between Pacific Potash and many other junior resource plays.

While many junior exploration companies are in a tough financial position (in February a reported 600+ junior resource companies had less than $200,000 in the bank), our new Client and Featured Company, Pacific Potash (PP:TSXV), just completed a $2.25 million private placement financing with the intention of executing a summer 2013- exploration and drill program in an emerging potash district (click here for full news release).

In addition, over the past 30 trading days - a period which has seen liquidity dry up for many juniors - Pacific Potash has traded nearly 10 million shares. It currently trades for $0.095.

So the question is ‘why’? [

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How to Play the Deep Water Oil Boom.

How to Play the Deep Water Oil Boom

A good technology company should sell products that pay for themselves. In other words, products should have a rapid payback period for customers.

In the oil drilling equipment business, technology should offer solutions that cut operating costs or enhance production at customers’ projects. Oil companies spend billions on large offshore oil and gas projects.

Typically, the deeper the project, the more money is spent. So any high-tech equipment that can cut costs or boost production can essentially sell itself.

A Clear Oil Company LeaderIn the market for highly engineered offshore production equipment, FMC Technologies Inc. (NYSE: FTI) is the clear leader. FMC installed its first ‘full field’ subsea separation, boosting and injection system on Statoil’s Tordis field in the North Sea in 2007.

FMC increased recovery by an extra 35 million barrels of oil and extended the life of the field by 15 years. With a payback of an extra 35 million barrels, this sort of equipment pays for itself. [Read more →]

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Welcome to the Modern Oil Age.

Welcome to the Modern Oil Age

Far offshore and deep beneath the seabed lies the future of the oil industry.

There’s a long, fascinating story here. But the short version is that in the past couple of decades, geologists have come to understand that there are large volumes of oil offshore. There’s a vast new hydrocarbon resource in the deep offshore waiting to be found.

In some areas of the deep offshore, the geology is such that you can actually ‘move the reserve needle’ with large finds. We’re talking about the possibility of finding hundreds of millions of barrels of oil in one place, or even billions of barrels. It’s quite a prize.

In fact, this new deep-offshore frontier makes for immense energy numbers, with strategic implications for an oil-constrained future. [Read more →]

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Media Using Exxon Oil Spill to Spread ‘Evil’ Propaganda about Keystone XL.

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Aaron Hoddinott's picture
Written by Aaron Hoddinott

Much of the media wants us to believe big oil companies are evil. And like so many prejudices, that is just wrong.

Big oil companies make mountains of cash because they provide a product that keeps our economy moving. Without oil, our economy collapses, plain and simple.

I’d say that if you provide a vital economic product such as oil (and produce it in accordance with the law), you deserve to make profits hand over fist. There is nothing wrong with that. Like it or not, our economic engine, for the time being, is addicted to oil.

And let’s not disregard the fact that many of the biggest oil companies on the planet are the largest investors in renewable energy technologies. They aren’t evil enterprises, they are commercial enterprises.

On Friday Reuters reported “Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline, which can carry more than 90,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude from Patoka, Illinois to Nederland, Texas, was shut after the leak was discovered late Friday afternoon in a subdivision near the town of Mayflower. The leak forced the evacuation of 22 homes.”

Exxon is still cleaning up the mess right now. Obviously, this incident is terrible to see as the environment will suffer because of it and residences of the area have been evacuated. [Read more →]

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The Small Cap Miners Operating Deep in the West African Jungle.

The Small Cap Miners Operating Deep in the West African Jungle

Mining executives often like to describe their business as an exercise in earth moving. Maybe because they are not geologists they downplay the challenge of finding the stuff in the first place.

Instead they concentrate on the physical challenge and cost of digging it up, sorting the metal from the ore and taking it to the nearest railway line or shipping terminal.

Sometimes this process runs smoothly. In countries with established mining industries, with modern transport networks and power grids, mining is a simple business. But today’s miners are increasingly going where no miner has gone before, and they are finding that the necessary infrastructure does not exist.

One of the most exciting new mining regions is in West Africa, on the borders of Cameroon, Gabon and the Republic of Congo. Such is its wealth of iron ore that it has been called the new Pilbara – the rich iron ore region of Western Australia – but it is several hundred miles inland and unless a way can be found of getting the ore to the coast, commercial development will not be possible.

Why go to the trouble? Well, because of the potential for huge gains, of course. I’ll point to a few very attractive prospects today[Read more →]

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