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A Liberty Investor’s Guide to Latin America.

Words, indeed, are powerful things. As an Englishman in America, my personal favorite is freedom.

It’s embodied by those words penned so long ago by a young Thomas Jefferson…

It’s the idea that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

That’s not only the foundation for what I believe, but it’s also the basis for how I invest.

It’s a technique I call “Liberty Investing.” [

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TSX Venture Exchange Bucks the Trend.

Dear member,

The major markets traded sideways or lost ground this week, while the TSX Venture rebounded sharply. This is the first time we’ve seen the Venture buck the trend in over a year. Is it possible investors are finally beginning to see the value in the Venture after it lost 50% in roughly one year?

We aren’t calling a bottom on the Venture just yet. However,  this week showed it has become obvious to many investors that dozens of sound companies on the Venture have been tremendously oversold (no kidding).

Think about it; if you’re an investor looking for discounts, you’re not going to look to the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq and NYSE. All these exchanges are trading within 2-4% of their post 2008 highs. Perhaps you may look to the TSX for opportunity as it’s off roughly 15% from its post 2008 highs, but even that doesn’t come close to the discounts the Venture is offering.

Despite almost all major markets trending lower to finish the week, the Venture closed up strong, gaining 2.09% on Friday alone. The Dow, NYSE, NASDAQ and S&P all lost on Friday with the TSX barely in the green ( up .09%). On Wednesday and Thursday the Venture outperformed as well.

The naysayers will point to the fact that it’s only a few day trend and no big deal, which in most cases we’d agree. However, when you’re talking about a TSX Venture exchange that has been in a free-fall for 3 months, a downtrend for a year and has been the first exchange investors exit, this is a trend to take note of.

Lastly, the Venture closed at the high of the day on Friday - something it has had trouble doing for months. [Read more →]

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How Chinese Stocks Are Fading Fast.

Last week, China reported weak economic numbers, prompting the government to cut the reserve required ratio for banks resulting in looser monetary policy.

A lot of people are urging investors to invest in the Chinese stock market. I think that would be a terrible mistake. China is in the midst of a very painful episode in its history. China’s economy has recently slowed to its slowest pace in two and a half years. And that is likely to continue.

China suffers from serious bottlenecks, including lofty property prices, rising wages and higher logistics costs due to manufacturing’s move to the hinterland (the ‘Go West Policy’). The results are higher inflation (3.4% at the latest count) and slowdown in foreign direct investments (which in fact peaked in August 2011).

China’s economy typically generates top-line nominal growth of 14% on average, but the split between growth and inflation has fallen to the lowest in over a decade in the last two years. Meanwhile earnings are tumbling.

The profitability for Chinese non-financial state-owned enterprises (SOEs) is at the lowest level since 2001 (excluding 2008). And the latest reporting season for Chinese stocks was the worst since 2008. [Read more →]

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Significant Development in a Down Market: Interviews With Redhawk Resources and Comstock Metals.

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Dear member,

In this increasingly volatile market, our team continues to focus on companies with proven management, adequate capital, large resources and working in regions with majors and massive mines or deposits.

Our Featured Copper Company of 2012, Redhawk Resources (RDK:TSX), just came out with a 175% resource increase on its Copper Creek Project in Arizona on Thursday May 10, 2012. The title of the news release read: Redhawk Reports 175% Increase in Resources at Copper Creek to 7.75 Billion Pounds Copper and 150 Million Pounds Molybdenum.

Our team featured Redhawk Resources in late January of 2012 at $0.56. Its stock moved up to $0.79 in less than two months after our introduction (a 40% increase), but has since fallen back to $0.465 in this most recent market crash. While it’s disappointing to see RDK’s share price fall below our introduction price, the company has delivered significant news since late January.

Alexander Smith, Head of Market Research at Pinnacle Digest, had a chance to catch up with Joe Sandburg (Redhawk’s CEO) and Steve Barley (Redhawk’s Executive Chairman) immediately following the release of the company’s updated resource. In the interview, the details of the new resource update and Redhawk’s project development plan are discussed at length. [Read more →]

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Nigeria: Why the African Oil Connection is Still So Attractive.

There are three reasons why Nigeria remains one of the most difficult in which to conduct business. The first addresses security amidst regional differences and a delta region that is a tinder box of revolution, secession, tribal warfare, and flat out criminal activity. It is hot, sticky, bug-infested, and dangerous…

But it holds a great deal of light, sweet crude.

Such oil is highly desired these days. There is little of it left worldwide. It requires less processing, since it does not have much sulfur to remove or weight to thin out.

And that increases profit margins.

What Comes With the Territory in Nigeria
Still, it also guarantees competition, political intrigue, and ecological damage, along with kidnappings of company personnel, attacks on rigs and pipelines, inter-village conflict, and even the occasional revenge homicide.

The second factor making life difficult for oil extraction in Nigeria is the corruption. We’re talking about one of the most corrupt nations on the planet. There are laws on the books, plenty of them. But they are regularly ignored by officials who see an easy opportunity to make a lot of money for themselves. [Read more →]

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TSX Venture Exchange…Buy or Sell?

This article is contributed by Pinnacledigest.com. One of the TOP sites for up to date information on the Canadian and US Stock Markets. For more information  subscribe to their free newsletter.
TSX Venture Exchange…Buy or Sell?

Aaron Hoddinott's picture
Written by Aaron Hoddinott

Fellow investor,

The TSX Venture has been the worst performing stock exchange in North America for over a year now.

Fellow investor,

The TSX Venture has been the worst performing stock exchange in North America for over a year now.

For many companies on the TSX Venture, this is a time period filled with anxiety; much like it was in late 2008, the Venture has fallen to the hands of panic sellers. Investors are scared and have been thinking illogically for several months now. Companies that were being bought for $1.00 per share with heavy volume, just 12 months ago, are having a hard time finding bids in this market for $0.30. Volume and risk appetite have vanished. Again, this is similar to how it was in December of 2008 in that respect.

It’s funny how quickly the psyche of investors can change. And this latest correction in the TSX Venture (a 1 year collapse in value of roughly 45%), is a testament to how powerful emotions are when it comes to moving markets.

This latest correction is the second worst (from a percentage standpoint) in the TSX Venture‘s history - yet commodity prices remain at historically high levels and the Dow continues to shake off all negative macro-economic data.

Venture investors are scratching their heads as to why this is happening. [Read more →]

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The TSX Venture Stock Exchange has been The Worst Performing Index on the Planet for 12 Months.

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Aaron Hoddinott's picture
Written by Aaron Hoddinott

Nearly all of us invest in the juniors on the TSX Venture Exchange. We love the ponies. In a commodity bull-market, there isn’t any better exchange to play than the TSX Venture.

When timed right, the returns on exploration stocks can be unbeatable. However, when the Dow is flirting with all-time highs, during a time when the TSX Venture is on a rapid 12 month decline, a longer-term investment approach is needed with exploration stocks. [Read more →]

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Markets: Weak, Uninspiring Week.

April 23rd 2012 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)

Markets around the world generally finished higher last week, but they didn’t inspire.

US shares ended a two-week losing streak last week, but were hardly convincing.

The Dow added 65.16 points, or 0.5%, to 13,029.26 on Friday and ended up 1.4% for the week, its first weekly gain in three.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index rose 1.61 points, or 0.1%, to 1,378.53, a gain of 0.7% for the week. [Read more →]

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Diary: Aust. Miners, US Earnings.

April 16th 2012 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)

Australian miners and interest rates, US quarterly earnings, Spain’s struggles and the IMF’s latest economic outlook for the world and major economies will dominate headlines here and offshore in the coming week.

In Australia, it will be a week to test the health of the resources sector with giants like BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals, Santos and Woodside reporting quarterly production and sales data.

They will tell us how the resources boom is travelling, and more importantly, give us a clue as to if the weak pricing for some commodities (but not so much oil) is having an impact on production and sales.

Rio Tinto and Fortescue release their reports tomorrow: for Rio it’s a first quarter report, for Fortescue it’s for the third quarter.

BHP Billiton releases its third quarter production and sales report on Wednesday. [Read more →]

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Markets: Bad Week For US, Asia Confident, Copper Down In Commodities.

April 16th 2012 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)

Miners in Australia, earnings in the US, and the pain in Spain will dominate markets in the week ahead, along with concerns about China, weak commodity prices and interest rates.

Led by copper and gold, commodity prices fell last week, thanks to the weak growth data from China and fears about Europe.

In the US the coming week will start one of the two busiest weeks of the quarterly earnings reporting season with 91 companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 expected to post results.

They will be reporting into a market that has lost its first quarter zip.

The opening fortnight of the new quarter has seen the biggest percentage drop since late November, when the eurozone crisis was last at its peak. [Read more →]

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