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This is quite a common occurrence when a stock price shoots upwards for no apparent reason.The ASX then asks the company involved as to the reason why this has happened.
In IMP’s case the share price had risen by a nice 30.7% to 1.7 cents per share. (I am not complaining as I got in at [...]

Today we have two updates from VPE.As mentioned before they are now currently divesting them selves of all of their USA interests so as to concentrate on the Goal seam gas project and the Cooper Basin oil area.I will keep you informed of their progress.

Victoria Petroleum has expanded its share in Cooper Basin It’s quite surprising the number of different oil companies that have a finger in the pie.
Read the pdf for more details.

Atlas South Sea Pearls have again increased their profit margin again. Paying a nice fully franked dividend of ,04 cents per share.
I know this doesn’t sound very much but when the share price is only 0.40 cents per share then it works out as a yearly dividend 0f 10%.Tax free! Very nice thank you!
For more [...]

Are VPE’s days numbered.

It definitely looks like Odin Energy (ODE) has designs on VPE’s future or should I say has more of an eye on the tenements in the Cooper Basin of which VPE has the largest holdings.The oilfields that VPE have are also worth considering as they are yet to be fully developed and bought into full [...]

Victoria Petroleum (VPE) brings into production its new oilfield.See pdf file for more details.

This article is typical of what you will find on “Topstocks.” Apart from hints, tips and worthwhile information there are a host of other facilities available, all to assist you towards your trading success.
This was contributed by “Ingot54.” a professional trader who contributes regularly to“Topstocks.”
Topstocks are offering a “Free Pro” account for one [...]

Credit Card Finder is here to compare all of the available credit cards and help you find the right credit card for you. Whatever your reason for finding a credit card, you’ve come to the right place. Compare the Credit Cards.Note All banners go to a Credit Card Finder page for you to read the [...]

Growler Oil Field Opens.

Victoria Petroleum (VPE) has just opened the Growler Oil Field.Read the “pdf” file for more detailed information.

Bow Energy Limited (Bow) has purchased all of the shares in Roma CBM Pty Ltd (Roma) which is currently earning the right to 10% direct working interest in the Don Juan CSG (Coal Seam Gas) Joint Venture. [...]

The share price of Victoria Petroleum has been creeping up of late.Particularly now Odin Energy has increased its holding to 16.08%. I don’t think they will be content with that and I expect them to increase their holdings by a lot more in the near future.
Queensland Gas Company Limited (QGC) has also decided to grab [...]

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