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IMP are busily plodding along expanding their existing gas fields.
Read the PDF below for full information.

Here is the latest quarterly report on how VPE are progressing.Open the PDFfile for more information.

Oxiana (OXR) has received final approval from Indonesia.S o all systems are now go.Read PDF for full details.

Victoria Petroleum (VPE) has joined up with Santos (STO) in a joint venture in exploring near Santo’s Cook Oilfield in the Cooper Basin.
Read the pdf file for more information.


We can expect to hear a lot more about the future of Rio Tinto’s empire this week.
Last week Rio Tinto’s London shareholders were told of the determination of the board and management to remain independent (see below) and on Friday Coal and Allied, 75.6% owned by Rio, revealed hints of an ambitious $5 billion plan [...]

Here is the latest update on Victoria Petroleum’s expansion with the Growler Oil Field in the Cooper Basin.

OXR Boosts Copper.

Oxiana had good news for shareholders ahead of the AGM in Melbourne today that will no doubt be dominated by the planned merger with Zinifex.
That merger will make the company a $12 billion a year miner which is the second biggest zinc producer in the world, and a rising force in copper and gold, plus [...]

Copper and gold miner, Oxiana (OXR) announced record copper production in its quarter 1 results released today, propelling its share price 5% to $3.33.
Its Sepon mine in Laos produced a record 17,132 tonnes due to higher volumes mined and milled and improvements in the processing circuit.
It reaffirmed copper production from the mine for the year [...]

As per previous post IMP have enjoyed some public support. This timely news will definitely justify that.
See pdf file for comprehensive news.

Today we have commenced a New Page titled ” Trading Seminars.”

Irregardless whether you are in Shares,Property Investment, CFD’s, Options,Forex trading, E-Minis or whatever else you are investing in then there is a Seminar somewhere that covers your passion.
Just click on the “Trading Seminars Page” for more information.

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