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Are Copper Stocks Still a ‘No-Brainer’?

This article is contributed by Money Morning and I thought this would be of interest to you, particularly in today’s market.  Money Morning are very reliable when it comes to research and  informative articles.

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Are Copper Stocks Still a ‘No-Brainer’?
By Aaron Tyrrell, Editor, Money Morning

Investing in copper stocks was a no-brainer back in 2009.

If you bought them then - and cashed in on the back of the 230 per cent rise in the spot price - well done!

But forget trying for easy money in copper stocks now…

Yes, demand is still strong. And supply is dwindling.

And the copper price probably won’t fall any time soon.

(In fact, it could still crack $10,000… even $11,000… a tonne. And even if copper fell to $6,000 a tonne, copper producers would still turn a tidy profit. That’s how good their margins are…)

But here’s what it boils down to…

Copper has had a great run. [

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Gold Can’t Be Held Down For Long.

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A summer of many more downs than ups is finally coming to an end. Our team has maintained the opinion that a strong fall is upon us and we are sticking to that prediction.

Instead of the normal, boring summer doldrums where many small-cap stocks lose 5-10% of their value due to a lack of liquidity, we had a very real, harsh summer correction across all major exchanges. $8 trillion was erased from the global equity markets in August. Even gold, the bright spot of the summer, reminded us this week that every dog has its day. The correction in gold was healthy and necessary for its continued run - which it may have resumed on Friday!

We viewed gold’s pullback this week as positive, only adding to our belief that gold is far from a bubble. Now, before you write us off as just another group of maniac gold-bugs, keep reading. [Read more →]

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