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This Blue-Chip ‘Secret Signal’ Says Buy Resource Stocks Now.

This Blue-Chip ‘Secret Signal’ Says Buy Resource Stocks NowAustralian Resource stocks have kick-started 2013 with a explosively bullish ‘secret signal’.

It’s telling you that the 24-month bear market in resource stocks is over.

It signals that rather than the recent leg up being yet another quick bounce on the way down, it is in fact be the foundation block of the next big rally for mining stocks.

I dearly hope so – because after two long years in the trenches, the mining sector is littered with beaten-up bargains.

And with cheap resource stocks on offer, and a new bull market starting…this ‘secret signal’ could mean that NOW is the best time to enter the resource market in a very long time.

So, what is the secret signal that makes me so confident? [Read more →]

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What is of Interest in the Market today.

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What is of Interest in the Market today

The following is an extract from Money Morning (First Prudential Markets)

What happened in the market yesterday? ( (Source: First Prudential Markets)

Chris Finlayson, the new chief executive (CEO) of oil and gas giant BG Group , could look to free up capital by selling off assets, according to sources close to the firm. Analysts suggested that billions of dollars of utility and pipeline assets related to the British-based firm’s US$20.4 billion liquefied natural gas venture in Queensland would be a prime target for a sale. “A strategy of earlier monetization would make sense  the change in CEO may be the catalyst for change,” John Rigby, analyst at investment bank UBS, said.

Analysts and fund managers have warned that an almost six-year low in market volatility does not mean that instability is far away, with the European debt crisis, the fiscal debate in the United States and China’s economic growth all causes for concern. According to Australia’s equivalent of the VIX volatility index, the local stock market is running at approximately 12 percent, half of its 24.5 percent average over the last five years. Joshua Kirkwood, equity strategist at investment giant Bank of America Merrill Lynch, warned that “things could change very quickly”.  [Read more →]

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A Contrarian Investment Prediction for 2013.

contrarian investment prediction 2013

We were greeted in the office this morning by Dan Denning telling us that the best performing commodity in 2012 was…wait for it…lead. That’s right, good old lead. And the best performing equity index last year? Venezuela.

Have a think about that when you read all the expert investment predictions for 2013 over the next few weeks.

The truth is no one has any clue or special insight into which investment class will make money this year. That’s especially true in a global environment characterised by constant central bank intervention and the resultant currency wars.

As far as investment predictions go, we’ll stick our neck out and say that 2013 will either be a very good year, or a very bad one. We don’t mean to be facetious in saying that. The point is, the global credit bubble will either go on expanding, encouraging speculation and leading to the outperformance of risk assets (a ‘very good’ year) or it will collapse (a ‘very bad’ year). [Read more →]

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Why Uranium Stocks Could be Worth Another Look.

In the last five years, the uranium sector has had more false starts than a frog race.

And uranium stocks have left a long list of burnt shareholders in their wake.

But now it looks like investors are gearing up to roll the dice one more time.

Beaten up uranium stocks have soared in the last few days.
For example, Australia’s leading uranium stock, Paladin (ASX: PDN), once trading at $10, was down as low as just 76 cents last month. But in the space of a week, Paladin has jumped 37.1%

It’s a similar tale from Energy Resources of Australia (ASX: ERA). After spending the last three years falling 96% from $26 to just $1.10, it has just jumped 20.3% in the space of a week. [Read more →]

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Platinum and Palladium — the Precious Metals to to Back in 2013

South Africa – the post-apartheid version – is a young country as far as Nation States go. Yet today, there are doubts about whether South Africa can survive.

That’s the sentiment I get, anyway, from watching CNN or reading wire service reports. It’s hard NOT to be pessimistic when you read about the 34 people killed at Lonmin’s Marikana platinum mine in mid-August.

The deaths at Marikana were followed by widespread strikes across the platinum and gold industries.

Thousands have been fired. Production in both industries has been seriously interrupted. There are international doubts about the future of South African mining. Those doubts have weighed on share prices for gold and PGM miners.

And given these question marks about the mining industry, nationalisation, and political stability, you wouldn’t want to invest in South African precious metals stocks in this atmosphere? Or would you? [Read more →]

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My Quick Take On The Gold Market - Diversify Within the Sector.

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Despite the latest market sell-off (which came earlier than I expected), the price of gold has skyrocketed. The world has finally realized it’s the only real safe haven asset that can’t be destroyed by frivolous government spending. The US dollar is no longer the flight to safety asset it once was.

Gold is flirting with $1800 an ounce, which is fantastic (for gold bugs), but the producers’ share prices have barely moved. Why is this?  You may recall a past blog of mine, written in February of this year, titled “Why Gold Producers Will Disappoint Unsuspecting Investors”

The main reason behind gold producers’ lackluster performances(thusfar) is due to the rising cost of production. Look no further than the price of oil, which has averaged nearly $95 per barrel all year. With that stated, thanks to this recent market meltdown, prices of many commodities (aside from precious metals) have dropped with the market. This is fantastic news for producers of gold…absolutely fantastic – especially if the price of oil can remain below $90 per barrel. [Read more →]

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Canada Zinc Metals (CZX) is Our New Featured Company.

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Salman Partners suggest how investors can play the imminent shortage of zinc and list Canada Zinc Metals as one of the few alternatives for the development of zinc resources. Recently, the firm commented:

“We believe that, beginning next year, the world faces an increasing shortage of zinc mines. The opening up of the Akie district could help Canada make an important contribution to alleviating such a shortage.”

Dear member,

The zinc market is approaching a tipping point. Independent mining research firms across the globe are projecting a massive supply deficit for zinc in the coming years. The reason for this projected deficit is simple. Many of the world’s largest zinc mines are permanently shutting down operations as the economic ore has run dry. Furthermore, there are very few new zinc mines being developed. Meanwhile, demand for zinc systematically continues to rise.

image source:
Lundin Mining’s Galmoy Zinc Mine in Ireland has closure plans approved by regulatory authorities and remains on schedule to be shut down prior to the end of 2012. Xstrata’s Brunswick Mine, the world’s largest underground zinc mine, is scheduled for closure in 2013.

The Century Mine in Australia, the country’s largest open pit zinc mine, is scheduled to begin the closing process in 2013. The Lisheen Mine in Ireland, one of the largest producers of zinc concentrates in Europe, has an approved closure plan in place as well. These are just some of the major zinc mines scheduled for closure in the near-future, and account for a loss of roughly a million metric tons of zinc production annually. This loss of production will equate to nearly 10% of the entire world’s annual zinc consumption.

The last time the zinc market entered a supply deficit, its price more than quadrupled from under $0.40 to over $2 a pound in less than two years.  The deficit occurred from 2004 through 2006. Look at zinc’s rapid price increase during that deficit period:

The projected zinc supply deficit in the near-future is predicted to be more than twice as severe as the one in the mid 2000′s. And given the lack of near-term production zinc projects in the world, the deficit could last much longer than the previous. Reuters reported that analysts believe the zinc market is heading for the tightest supply conditions in 30 years.

With global zinc demand growing 1-3% annually, and it being the fourth most consumed metal in the world, new zinc mines are desperately needed. [Read more →]

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Zinc Mines Are Closing Down - Good News for Zinc Stocks.

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Dear member,

Contrary to what fair-weather commentators are saying now, the commodity markets remain firmly in a super cycle. This super cycle began following the tech and equity boom of the early 2000s. Historically, over the past hundred years, these cycles have lasted between 16 and 20 years.

With interest rates across the world at or near record lows and multi-billion dollar infrastructure initiatives erupting from China to India to Turkey, and even in the United States, there is no end in sight for the current natural resource and commodity cycle.

Recessions and short-term economic spasms can only slow down commodity demand momentarily. Population growth, urbanization of rural communities and currency devaluation continue to drive demand for commodities. [Read more →]

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The Biggest Graphite Find in Decades Comes With a Catch.

Maybe we don’t need to worry about graphite supply problems after all.

It turns out there is a more or less infinite supply out there.

Researcher Nikku Madhusudhan, from Yale University, Connecticut, has found what appears to be enough graphite to last for millions of years.

To sweeten the deal, the deposit is full of diamonds too.

Sounds good to me. Trouble is, there’s a catch… [Read more →]

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Why the Hunt for Strategic Minerals took me to Holden in Port Melbourne.

So what’s the big resource news today?

Iron ore climbed $6 to reach $110 / tonne.

Big news or big deal?

It’s still down 22% for the year, and 40% from the start of last year.

Even if we see this textbook technical bounce rally further, iron ore’s dynamics still look bad. I’m glad it’s been 2.5 years since we tipped an iron ore stock in Diggers and Drillers, because as I see it, there are easier ways to make money from this market.

In the endless hunt for new resource stocks with the potential for explosive gains, my role as editor of Diggers and Drillers has taken me to some interesting places…including Peru, the Dominican Republic, Morocco and Botswana. [Read more →]

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