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Here are some expressions and their meanings that you will come across when dealing with options.For a full explanation on “Options” see previous article posted yesterday.
In the money – the cost of exercising the option is less than the current FPO price less the exercise price [plus possibly whatever you paid].
Exercise price [also known as] [...]

Ever wondered what some of the codes mean when looking at the day’s trades? Here are a few examples.
Trade Description ITS/ Seats
Bulletin Board Trade [...]

If you invest in oil and gas it is very handy to know the terminology used when you read their progress reports.
By understanding the jargon it gives you an exact idea on their progress or lack of it.
I have found that being more informed than the average investor definitely pays dividends in the long run [...]

Accumulation:The first phase of a bull market. While most investors are discouraged with the market, and earnings are at their worst, some investors start buying shares. Or, an addition to a trader’s position.
Advance/Decline Line:Each day’s declining issues are subtracted from that days advancing issues. The difference is added to (subtracted from if negative) a running [...]

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