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Now is The Time to Educate Yourself.

Asxnewbie will be unattended for the next two weeks.  I have decided to have two weeks off now, rather than later in readiness for the Stock Market changes that are coming very soon.

So Now is The Time to Educate Yourself by availing yourself of the various great  educational articles which are available here in our extensive Education section.

Whatever your passion, either Forex or Shares we cover them all. So enjoy and learn for FREE.

It wont go to waste as the  future Stock Market arena  is going to be very interesting and very profitable. I personally have been building up my current stocks at the lower prices currently available.  You can go to ” My Portfolio” to see what I have currently have in the Energy and Gold sectors.

I am also looking at extending into other areas as well, but more on that later.

In the meantime,” Buy in Gloom and Sell in Boom”.

Enjoy profitable trading. :-)

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Doom and Gloom Creates Buying Opportunity in Stocks…

Doom and Gloom Creates Buying Opportunity in Stocks…

Did the recent stock price action surprise us?

No. Just the opposite in fact.

The recent stock price action confirms what we’ve said in recent weeks.

While the mainstream press and many analysts banged on about the search for yield driving stock prices, we said investors didn’t really want yield at all.

Or not just yield anyway. They wanted more than that. It just goes to show, you need to pay more attention to what investors do rather than what they say…

The recent fall is exactly why we suggested you should tread with caution before buying income stocks at the high.

It was good to be cautious. The Australian market has slumped 400 points in two weeks. That means we’re in ‘correction’ territory now.

So, what was it about the market action that stumped so many in the mainstream? [Read more →]

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Money Weekend’s FutureWatch: 8 June 2013.

Money Weekend’s FutureWatch: 8 June 2013

Technology: Powering the Body Starts With The Mind
We’ve been talking about revolutions over the last few weeks. And there’s no doubt one of the most amazing developments over the next few years will be utilising the power of the mind.

Mind control is one aspect of this. Using the power of your mind to manipulate, enhance and control your environment is life changing.

An example of mind control research and development is happening right now. A group of Europeanuniversities and companies have developed an exoskeleton for people with paralysis.

This is certainly not the first exoskeleton developed for people with paralysis. Other examples include the Ekso which is one of the finest pieces of tech to arrive in years. [Read more →]

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The Incredible World of Graphene.

The Incredible World of Graphene

If graphene is new to you, the best way to describe it is that it’s a totally new, man-made material that will turn the world on its head.

Although graphene is about as high-tech as it comes, it also sits in my camp as it’s derived from graphite, a commodity mined in a very small number of locations globally.

What makes graphene so exciting?

Well for one thing, graphene conducts electricity better than anything, including copper, silver or gold. It has been used to make microprocessors that are orders of magnitude faster than silicon based ones. Because it’s also not rigid, it can be used to make large hi-definition screens that can be folded away in your pocket.

Graphene is also stronger than anything else known to man. A sheet just one molecule thick is totally invisible, yet strong enough to support the weight of a newborn baby.

And a sheet the width of Gladwrap could support an elephant wearing stilettos! (So they say anyway…I look forward to seeing the photographic evidence…) [Read more →]

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10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part II).

10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part II)

  1. In the Future Your Mind Will be the Most Powerful Computer You OwnThe future of computing doesn’t exist in your phone, as a watch, or even as a pair of glasses.Computing will transcend the devices we have today and are getting in the next year.

    Computing will be immersed in your everyday life. Not as something you flip out of your pocket. Your entire world will become interactive. The way you see and what you see with will merely be the conduit for what is actually going on.

    Your display might be glasses, or a contact lens. Bionic eyes might be better than having real ones. Either way everything you come in contact with will have embedded microchips and wireless communication built in.

    It will allow for a completely augmented reality (AR). The information of the world will be available to you everywhere you look and think. Computing power will be embedded in your biology to enable you to fully interact with your physical world and your digital world through your 5 senses, and a 6th, your mind.

    At first you may think that sounds a bit creepy. But think of the applications… [Read more →]

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The Single Best Way to Build Wealth: Invest in Business…

The Single Best Way to Build Wealth: Invest in Business…

We would be lying if we said this market is plain sailing for investors.

That’s why we don’t claim that.

If we thought this market was risk-free then we would tell you to put all your money into stocks.

But it isn’t. So we won’t.

We only suggest you have less than 50% of your investment savings in the stock market. Even though some say that’s still too much.

But whatever amount you set aside for the stock market, it should be something. Because the worst thing you can do is to avoid the market completely – especially right now. Here’s why… [Read more →]

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10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part I).

10 World Changing Technologies That Could Change Your Life (Part I)

It’s almost impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy. But that won’t stop me taking a stab at it. A big part of our new technology investmentservice will be working out which technologies have the best chance of succeeding and which will be a flash-in-the-pan.

What follows is just a sample of some of the technologies under development right now. Let me make this clear: I haven’t just made-up a lot of random futuristic ideas. The Revolutionary technologies you’ll read about below are projects being developed in laboratories and research centres round the world…

From hypersonic jet travel to near-space exploration and vacation, to medical and scientific breakthroughs that could rewrite the laws of physics.

It’s impossible to tell how many (if any) of these developments will succeed, but you should know that technology is rapidly changing the world. Even if none of these achieve commercial success, you can be sure that something just as incomprehensible and spectacular will. Read on for our take on the future… [Read more →]

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Can the Great Bull Run Charge Again?

Can the Great Bull Run Charge Again?

The last thing we expected to write in these pages is that Australia might be on the verge of a historic real estate boom. But that’s the conclusion we saw this week from one controversial analyst, thanks in part to a dead Soviet researcher and twenty years of study.

It sounds a bit nuts. If you’ve caught the headlines lately, you’ll know the anxiety over the end of the mining boom in Australia is hitting fever pitch. Where will the growth come from? How could real estate soar from here?

The answer, according to Phillip J Anderson, lies in an unlikely place. And don’t bother looking up He says the best clue about where Australian housing is heading next is to check out the US stock market… [Read more →]

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Keep One Eye on Resource Stocks and the Other on the NASDAQ.

Keep One Eye on Resource Stocks and the Other on the NASDAQ

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a record high and people go wild.

The S&P 500 hits a record high and the same happens.

The German DAX and the UK FTSE 100 approach their 2007 peak and we wonder whether the euro crisis happened at all.

When the Aussie S&P/ASX 200 reached a five-year high, thoughts were that it would keep going higher.

And yet, there’s one index that hasn’t gotten much attention, but has beaten them all. It hasn’t hit a new high, but it has climbed 50% higher than the Dow Jones, and it could have further to go…

Yesterday, Diggers & Drillers editor Dr Alex Cowie showed us a report from Goldman Sachs that said ‘buy resources – sell banks‘.

When you’ve got Goldman Sachs behind a trade, well, we won’t say it guarantees gains, but if the big investment bank can do for the Aussie resource sector what it did for the US bond market, it could be a good year for resource investors. [Read more →]

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‘Benny and the Jets’ Pay Tribute to Doris Day.

‘Benny and the Jets’ Pay Tribute to Doris Day

The quintet of ‘Benny and the Jets’ – Bernanke (US Federal Reserve), Carney (Bank of England), Draghi (European Central Bank), Xiaochuan (Peoples Bank of China) and Kuroda (Bank of Japan) – are secretly a cover band for Doris Day.

Their one and only (repetitive) rendition is this chorus:

I’m forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air,
They fly so high,
Nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams,
They fade and die.
Fortune’s always hiding,
I’ve looked everywhere,
I’m forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air.

Benny and the Jets have belted out this song for four years. The market keeps cheering, so they keep singing.

The smart money is questioning when will these one hit wonders topple from the charts?

Which bubble (and there are many) is going to ‘fly the highest’ and ‘fade and die’ the fastest? [Read more →]

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