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Category — Forex

Seven Factors to Look For When Choosing a Forex Broker.

Nowdays Forex brokers are a dime a dozen.  But what really set them apart from one another are the services and information unique to each one.  How do you distinguish a good one from a bad one?

Before you consider choosing the right broker  for you, all depends firstly on your trading strategy, and a number of other factors.

These seven points listed below will help you to narrow down which broker that will help in your trading in foreign exchange trading:

1.    Types of Account.

Many forex brokers offer different types of accounts depending on the amount of capital you will put in. This is important to know especially if you are a novice or a conservative trader. What you need to do here is to research what kinds of accounts your target forex brokers have and what options each account will bring you. [Read more →]

June 16, 2012   Comments Off

Do You Know Your Currency Pairs?

When I thought about some of the first things I learned before trading the Forex market, fundamental analysis came to mind. Fundamental analysis refers to factors that affect the price of a currency pair.

It is important not only to perform technical analysis based on your charts and indicators, but to also be aware of the macroeconomic events that can affect a currency pair. What helped me in my forex education was learning each currency’s characteristics.

Whichever pair or pairs you choose to trade, knowing each of their characteristics is extremely valuable because it aids in the accuracy of any trade you perform.

Europe- Euro.  It began trading in 1999; however the EURO/USD pair is the most traded. Because of this, the EURO/USD is very liquid. The euro is greatly affected by interest rates. [Read more →]

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Forex Fundamental Analysis.

Most FOREX traders trust on some sort of Fundamental analysis to make a plan for their trading strategies.The other basic form of analysis is technical analysis. After studying this article you should have a more adept understanding of fundamental analysis and how to use it as part of your FOREX strategy.

Political and economic changes are the cornerstone of fundamental analysis. These can and do often affect currency prices. Traders that capitalize on fundamental analysis will accumulate their information from a diversity of news sources. They are constantly looking out for data about unemployment forecasts, political ideologies, economic policies, inflation and growth rates.

Fundamental analysis will provide you with an overview of currency movements and a all-embracing picture of the economic conditions. Most traders then will blend this fundamental analysis with technical analysis to plot actual entrance and exit points, as well as confirming the data supplied by their fundamental analysis. [Read more →]

June 8, 2012   Comments Off

Forex and Some Important Facts about Bollinger Bands.

Forex trading is today  among one of the most looked at occupations for many individuals of all ages about the world today. This is because of its great advantages over other stock markets and also because of its high profit potential; amongst these advantages you will find that it is  now very easy to access a trading platform from the better Forex broker firms thanks to the internet.

But having a good broker firm and great trading platform  only plays a small part of what is needed in order for you to make your forex trading career a succeeding and fruitful one.

You need to have the correct knowledge and methods in order to forecast with the best accuracy what the market will do next. One of these techniques that is often  used to predict the Forex market behavior is one that is founded on Bollinger Bands. [Read more →]

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The Different Factors that Effect Forex Trading.

In the world of Forex  there are several external factors that you need to be aware of before you begin to trade in the Forex currency market.

A number of factors that you need to take particular notice of are such events such as trade reports, GDP figures,  the unemployment and international trade statistics, manufacturing etc. For the growth or decline in any of these factors  will impacts upon a country’s currency value.

Taking into consideration that Forex is the most liquid of all  the markets, the fact remains that being an international market and trading 24-hours a day, the actual time of day can have a direct affect on the liquidity available when  trading a specific currency.

You would be aware that the major centres and time zones are that of Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York. Therefore any events, such as those mentioned above, that might occur at any hour, in any part of the world, can and will affect some or all parts of the forex trading community at some stage or other. [Read more →]

June 3, 2012   Comments Off

Forex Versus Futures. Which is Safer?

To begin with,what is a Futures contract? Simply put a futures contract is a standardized contract, which is traded on a futures exchange, to buy or sell a certain underlying instrument at a certain date in the future, at a specified price. The future date is called the delivery date or final settlement date.

Today’s current futures market includes a good deal more than just agricultural products. It has developed into a worldwide market for all sorts of commodities which now includes manufactured goods, and also financial instruments such as currencies and treasury bonds.

The futures market is traded mainly by speculators, the actual goods themselves are not of paramount importance and there is no expectation of delivery.  Instead, it is the futures contract itself that is traded. The value of each contract changes continually  according to the market value of the particular commodity involved.

With every futures contract there is always a buyer and a seller. The seller takes the short position and the buyer takes the long position. In other words they are hoping for an opposite reaction to the other trader’s view point.

The basic futures contract specifies a particular buying price, a quantity and a set delivery date. [Read more →]

May 31, 2012   Comments Off

Do You Want to Become A Forex Expert?

Any one who has already embarked into the share market would already have an idea what Forex is.

So what Is Forex?

FOREX stands for the extremely popular Foreign Exchange Market.

Essentially simply put the Foreign Exchange Market is where people go to trade currencies. Traders buy and sell these currencies and hopefully try to make a profit while doing so..

The Foreign Exchange Market and the trading as we know it today started way back in the 1970’s.The foreign exchange market can now be found wherever there is a financial centre where people trade in the buying and selling of various securities..

Why Are People Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market?

Increasingly people are turning into forex trading now than ever before. The major attractions are that there are no hard-and-fast requirements to join the market. Anyone can enter it and learn how to trade. Some even study in advance to be prepared for the big trading  that lies ahead. [Read more →]

May 25, 2012   Comments Off

Basic Strategies used in Trading Forex.

Basically there are two kinds of FOREX investing strategies used by the majority of Forex traders,one is Fundamental analysis and the other is Technical analysis. We shall have a closer look at Technical analysis first.

Technical analysis.

We find that Technical analysis is by and large  used by the small and medium size traders.

Technical analysis looks at the various factors that are in reality affecting the market rather than factors that might possibly affect it. Thus the price quoted reflects all the factors that have influenced them. Only market generated facts and figures are taken into account and other factors like the emotions of  fear, hope or any other changes are not even considered.

• Price reflects all actual market movements. That means price includes everything known to the market like supply and demand of foreign exchange, political factors, trade agreements etc. It is not concerned with what resulted in change rather it deals with actual changes. It works on the premiss that price can take only one of the three directions, Upwards,downwards or sideways. [Read more →]

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How Fundamental Analysis Can Increase Profits For Forex Traders.

The Forex Market can be potentially more profitable and a lot more easier to trade than the stock market, yet it is surprising how few share traders actually take the time to learn about Forex trading rules and how it works. Quite possibly because it is unfamiliar territory plus also Forex instills a fear of the unknown, which tends to frighten a lot of traders off.

Now the good news is that irregardless of whether you are experienced trader in Forex trading or if you’re a share trader looking at the Forex market for the very first time, you will be pleased to learn  that many of the same techniques that are used when trading stocks are every bit as useful when they are used in Forex trading. The principles of Fundamental analysis are a very good example

As you are aware when you are trading in the stock market you always use fundamental analysis techniques to determine the long-term value of a company and the likelihood that it will continue to generate profits that are in line with your investment goals. [Read more →]

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Good Forex Traders Get Educated First Before Trading.

Before you even begin to commence Forex Trading is vitally essential that you educate yourself and acquire some degree in training..

You will find that there are numerous  Forex courses to be found online,these  include Seminars,Webinars, Home Study , e Books and DVD’s to name just a few. In actual fact all the information that you need to know before you begin to trade forex. You can take it from me that it would be suicide if you have not acquired some modicum of education before you commence  trading forex.

Be careful when you are looking for education as there as many people are only too willing to take your hard earned money for a minimum amount of basic forex Trading advice. The education you require can generally found for free on numerous sites if you are prepared to go looking for it.

Most of the Forex Trading courses that are available will usually teach you a little Fundamental analysis, but concentrate chiefly on technical analysis if you can, as this will teach you on how to read charts and how to interpret the  indicators which are so vital in placing trades successfully.

Trading Currencies is getting extremely popular, and many online brokers are now offering their prospective  clients Charting packages, Demo accounts and other tools to entice them  in the hope that they will set up an Account and start trading with them. [Read more →]

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