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The Hong Kong Dollar: If This Red Flag Goes Up, Buy it.

History says paper currencies always die.

In today’s Money Weekend we’ll suggest a possible candidate for destruction and why you should keep an eye on it.

If you think we’re talking about the Iranian rial, we’re not. Although the Hanke-Krus Hyperinflation Index recently added the Iranian rial to its hyperinflation list.

Iran is obviously a story at the centre of mainstream news lately.

But we’re actually thinking about something closer to home – the Hong Kong dollar (HKD).

Here’s why… [

November 12, 2012   Comments Off

How the Aussie Dollar is Caught Up in Big Bankers’ Games.

You may recall that several weeks ago investment firm Goldman Sachs said buying the euro and short-selling the Aussie dollar was one of the best long-term trades out there.

The Wall Street Journal even reported at the time that someone at Goldman Sachs tagged it ‘the trade of the century‘.

Well, on the other side of the trade they might find the team from Citigroup.

The investment bank said the Aussie dollar is on track to hit a new all-time high against the US dollar in 2013. This article quoted Steve Englander, head of a foreign exchange division at Citi, on why he is bullish on the Australian currency.

What’s interesting about the position is there was barely any mention of the fundamentals of the Australian economy driving the value of the Aussie dollar.

It appears to be a pure play on the liquidity that the US Fed and other central banks are pumping into global markets.

Englander has a point. The Aussie dollar has held steady despite the drop in iron ore and coal prices — two of Australia’s biggest exports. This was highlighted last week when Whitehaven Coal [ASX: WHC]released its quarterly report. The report notes:

‘Export coal prices have fallen substantially over the last six months and, after rallying mildly in July/August, have fallen to new lows over the last few weeks…After allowing for approximately 8% NSW royalty and 3% exchange rate loss, the net revenue for spot thermal coal is currently at or below the FOB cash cost per tonne of many producers.’ [Read more →]

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Forex Striker Review: Changing Your Winnings: The Future in Trade.

We at Asxnewbie came across this Forex Trading Robot. We were so impressed with it that we decided to give you a full review of Forex Striker’s capabilities. It is fairly lengthy, but well worth the read if you are into trading Forex.

Rember to check out our extensive Forex education section.

Forex Striker Review.

Forex Trading Robots, the first United States patented technology of its kind, are easy-to-use, advanced automated EAs. These exchangeproducts are fashioned to revolutionize the ways to make money trading.

They are affordable and programmed to utilize different techniques based on various situations and circumstances, providing diversification for traders. If you are active with the business of trading, Forex Trading Robots can be a positive alternative investment strategy, perfectly designed to increase your profits.

Forex, affirming to be a convenient podium for traders, according to the most recent survey, trades $3.21 trillion on the Forex Market daily. In such a competitive arena, ineffective strategies and tools will not produce fast results. Instead, establishing a method by analyzing market trends and making use of Forex tools effectively, can help increase your winning ratios. [Read more →]

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Goldman Sachs Declares War on the Australian Dollar.

Is it possible to have up to $100 million and not have a penny to spend?

Actually, yes. We’ll show you how shortly — and why you wouldn’t want to spend any of the family fortune anyway. Talk about NOT spoiling the grandkids.

But first…

Goldman Sachs and the Trade of the Century
Just as arms firms make a lot of money from conventional warfare, there are firms that make a lot of money from currency warfare. One of those firms is Goldman Sachs.

So we wondered what Goldman Sachs makes of it. Last week Goldman Sachs published a note saying, ‘One of the best long term trades out there at the moment is long euro versus short Aussie.’ The big banking firm is so keen on this trade the Wall Street Journal reported someone there tagged it ‘the trade of the century’. [Read more →]

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How To Find The Perfect Forex Trading System.

Trading in the Forex or currency market has became extremely popular in the last few years or so. But how  many traders are achieving consistent profitable results trading in the Forex market? Regrettably  they are in the minority, in actual fact as little as 5% of traders are achieving regular profitable returns.

One of the major reasons of this is because numerous Forex traders  are focusing on the wrong information when they are making their trading decisions and they are completely forgetting to take into consideration one of the most crucial factors of all and that is Price behavior.

Most of all the Forex trading systems that are being currently used today are constructed of technical indicators. But what are these technical indicators and how are they implemented? [Read more →]

October 15, 2012   Comments Off

The Only Winner in the Currency Wars.

‘We see gold as an officially recognised form of money for one primary reason: it is widely held by most of the world’s larger central banks as a component of reserves.’

- Duetsche Bank analysts Daniel Brebner and Xiao Fu

Brazil’s finance minister Guido Mantega made headline writers all over the world happy a few years ago when he announced the beginning of theCurrency Wars. Mantega made his original comment when the US Fed came out with QE2 in 2010.

Last week, he concluded both the Fed and the Bank of Japan were engaging in currency warfare.

He’s right about that. Currency debasement as a way to boost growth and exports is all central banks have left. It’s also the only strategy they have for pumping asset prices and preventing the large global credit and derivatives bubble from popping. It forces everyone to ‘race to the bottom’. [Read more →]

September 28, 2012   Comments Off

Paper Currency Giants and Gold Pigmies.

Here’s a contrarian idea – buy euros.

No doubt investors were surprised at Port Phillip Publishing’s recent Strategy Session. That was when Wall Street banker and analyst Jim Rickards repeated his bullish call on the European currency.

It’s probably not possible to have worse press than Europe has had this year. It has dominated the financial news and almost all of it has been negative.

Greece is broke. Ireland is broke. Spain is on life support. Italy and France are about to have a cardiac arrest. And Finland wants out.

This is mainly due to the chronic budget deficits within the eurozone, especially the Mediterranean countries. [Read more →]

September 3, 2012   Comments Off

How To Understand Technical Analysis and Some Indicators When Trading Forex.

It has been said before that all profitable traders use technical analysis, but again not all technical analysis traders are necessarily wealthy. It is also of value to note that basic fundamentals also play their part in indicating whether a stock price will either moving up or down. Technical analysis basically just gives you a distinct edge over other traders who don’t.

Technical Analysis is extremely handy because of a couple of reasons.

1) It comprises of numbers. So all information and its impact on the market is represented in a currency’s current price.

2) It also helps to predict future trends. [Read more →]

August 6, 2012   Comments Off

How to Guarantee Your Failure at Trading Forex.

If you want to hear instead of reading, this article can be viewed on Youtube by just clicking here.

Before you begin your trading career into Forex, there are a quite few pitfalls that you need to be aware of before you commence trading.This article will assist you to know what these most common mistakes are,thereby giving you a head start. It is written with tongue in cheek, but I am sure you will get the drift fairly quickly.

Firstly, make certain you DON’T have a forex trading system set up. By having a trading system in place, this will only increase the odds in your favour of achieving success and you would not want that to happen.

So make sure you don’t have a forex system in place and always trade based on a randomly set approach. It is a lot less of a hassle and headache free. [Read more →]

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Seven Factors to Look For When Choosing a Forex Broker.

Nowdays Forex brokers are a dime a dozen.  But what really set them apart from one another are the services and information unique to each one.  How do you distinguish a good one from a bad one?

Before you consider choosing the right broker  for you, all depends firstly on your trading strategy, and a number of other factors.

These seven points listed below will help you to narrow down which broker that will help in your trading in foreign exchange trading:

1.    Types of Account.

Many forex brokers offer different types of accounts depending on the amount of capital you will put in. This is important to know especially if you are a novice or a conservative trader. What you need to do here is to research what kinds of accounts your target forex brokers have and what options each account will bring you. [Read more →]

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