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A US Energy Revolution in Shale Oil and Gas.

A US Energy Revolution in Shale Oil and GasIn Texas these days, there’s a feeling of absolute and unwavering confidence in the concept of an US energy revolution. From the depths of reserves to the richness of the energy, an incredible transformation is taking place.

We’ve been talking about the significant impact of the US’s oil production for a while now, but the buzz about shale oil and gas is only getting louder. At Morgan Stanley’s energy forum in Houston in August, Director of Research John Derrick and Portfolio Manager Evan Smith said shale was the prevailing topic.

One area that’s driving this game-changing trend is located only hours from our headquarters. It’s the Permian Basin located in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico, covering an enormous area.

Three component parts make up the Permian: the western Delaware, Central Basin and eastern Midland. If you overlay the Eagle Ford and Bakken basin areas over the Permian, you can see that both the Bakken and the Eagle Ford shale formations easily fit inside.

The area isn’t new to the oil industry, as companies have been drilling in the Permian area for almost a century. Back in the 1970s, oil production reached 2 million barrels per day, but fell to 800,000 barrels per day in 2007. [Read more →]

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Money Weekend’s Technology FutureWatch 31 August 2013.

Money Weekend’s Technology FutureWatch 31 August 2013



A Meeting of the Minds On Steroids
Next week at the 02 Arena in London the world’s biggest electronic entertainment event will take place. As the organisers say, ‘Campus Party unites the brightest young minds in technology and science under the idea that “the Internet is not a network of computers, it’s a network of people.”

It’s a huge event for the whole week, running 24 hours a day. There will be keynotes from some of the brightest minds in global technology. Previous keynote speakers include Steve Wozniak, Michio Kaku and Al Gore. This year Professor Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland will be a keynote along with one of the men who worked on the ARPANET project, Vint Cerf.

There will also be a mix of technologists, futurists, developers and hackers. The technologies on display and being discussed will include security, big data, robotics, e-health and green tech.

Basically this is a nerd’s dream come true. And that means we’ll be there first hand to find the bestbreakthrough technologies and views on what the future might hold.

What you also need to recognise is events like this are crucial for the development of technology in the world. Because when you get so many minds together in one space, you can’t help but collaborate with each other. It’s a ‘meeting of the minds’…on steroids (not literally).

And when that kind of collaboration happens, breakthroughs occur, new ventures are formed, and problems are solved.

If we come across truly revolutionary tech we’ll reveal everything to Revolutionary Tech Investorsubscribers. But we’ll also share a few pics and snippets of information next weekend. Hopefully it will give you some insight as to just how important events like this are. [Read more →]

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Australia’s Mysterious Natural Gas Shortage.

feature photo

Australia is set to become the world’s largest liquefied natural gas exporter. We have a remarkable network of pipeline infrastructure running up and down our east and west coast with tens of thousands of kilometres of pipes delivering enormous daily gas flows from five basins to different demand centres. And the natural gas industry could contribute $53 billion to Australia’s economy each year by 2017. Things couldn’t be better for Australia when it comes to natural gas.

What is the one conclusion you could not possibly draw from this exciting and optimistic scenario? Shadow Energy and Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane reckons ‘New South Wales will run out of natural gas - literally, run out of gas - by 2016 if they don’t get some of their coal seam areas developed’. That’s right, Australia has managed to create a domestic gas shortage in the middle of a gigantic natural gas export boom.

Macfarlane’s claim is a bit iffy. What he really means is that NSW will have to import some natural gas because it doesn’t produce quite enough for its own use. But that’s the case already, so it’s just political scaremongering.

The real story here isn’t a shortage of natural gas. It can’t be when you’re exporting billions of dollars of the stuff. This is a story about Australia’s natural gas market changing from local demand and supply at cheap prices to become part of the global gas market. And that means both supply and demand has to take the international price as given. Unfortunately for you and us, the international price is damn high.

In other words, we’ve gone from making cheap gas for ourselves to making money by flogging the stuff overseas at four times the price. But when you can sell at four times the price overseas, why sell to the locals who can’t afford it at that price? Hence the ‘shortage’ of natural gas here in Australia. [Read more →]

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Rising Oil Prices Are All About Egypt…Or so Some People Say.

Rising Oil Prices Are All About Egypt…Or so Some People Say

The price of oil is rising lately, due to ‘events in Egypt’, as the saying goes. Well, yes. Despite being home to modest oil output with zero net oil exports, Egypt owns the Suez Canal. Thus, disruptive events in Egypt can move oil prices, at least in the short term while oil operators reroute large tankers.

Indeed, here’s the recent oil price chart, showing a rise of $8 or so per barrel (via the Brent crude benchmark) in the past few weeks:

When you fit the oil price chart to recent news events, it’s not hard to determine that something happened somewhere. No doubt that, say, the Saudis are pleased that their daily oil exports now yield another $80 million to the royal family bank accounts with which to pay for princely perks. [Read more →]

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Could Uranium be the Best Investment in 2013.

Could Uranium be the Best Investment in 2013

Question: which commodity has had more false starts than a cane toad race?

Here’s another one: Which part of the mining sector has broken even more hearts than gold?

And a last one to round it up: What investment is possibly the toughest sell of 2013?

You’ve guessed it…the answer is the same for all three. But despite all these things, it could still be the biggest winner on the market over the next 24 months…

The answer is: uranium.

That’s right. Uranium is coming back. [

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What if the Price of Oil Collapses This Year?

What if the Price of Oil Collapses This Year?

Could the price of oil fall to $50? Jan Stuart and Stefan Revielle of Credit Suisse think so. Just think about the implications here: it would touch just about every industry on the planet; many speculators would be ruined; hordes of drillers and prospectors would go out of business.

Drivers, meanwhile, would be thrilled. And it would be a boon for companies struggling to keep their fuel costs down, such as hauliers.

But is it likely to happen? According to these two analysts, investors are becoming increasingly concerned about an oil price collapse. ‘How bad can things get?’ is the question, and their answer is ‘very bad!’

But only if the global economy implodes once again…

The argument runs like this: global imbalances have not been fixed; indeed, in some cases they have got worse ‘and much of the available political and real capital has merely been squandered in the interim‘.

The cost of fixing things has now escalated, and the inevitably painful process of cutting debt has merely been postponed. But the painful reckoning cannot be put off forever.

For its doomsday scenario, Credit Suisse assumes ‘a repeat of the collapse in trading and global activity that accompanied the Great Financial Recession of 2008‘. ‘It could happen [very soon] and a recovery would be decidedly sluggish‘.

Oil demand would deflate sharply, there would be plentiful supply and a recovery would be ‘halting, fragile, and painfully slow‘.

The US dollar would strengthen and oil prices would fail to recover to much beyond $80 a barrel in the next few years. [Read more →]

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On the Hunt for the Next Great Elephant Oilfield.

On the Hunt for the Next Great Elephant Oilfield

There’s no law in the market that oil and gold have to move together. But when they begin to diverge in a big way, like now, it pays to wonder why. Maybe BHP has the answer. It’s put Texas tea on the drinks menu, at the top of the list. So today’s Money Weekend will journey across the Pacific to visit the great American energy boom looking for answers…

Behind the Numbers, a Changing World
Actually, it’s wrong to suggest all the energy action in North America is in Texas. The new drilling technology is unlocking supply from Canada to North Dakota to the Atlantic states.

To get an idea of the North American energy boom, check this out: 2012 saw the largest growth in oil production in US history. That’s according to the June release of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy. The oil biz in the US goes all the way back to Colonel Drake in 1859.

To be clear, BP is looking at the figures from 2012. But stepping back from the day to day data and news is probably more fruitful for tracking the big trends.

Here’s a curious point: on a net basis last year, the oil market didn’t change that much in 2012. Growth was a pretty meagre 1.3%. But in a regional sense, it’s no exaggeration to say the oil market is being completely remade, or in the spirit of Joan Rivers, ‘reworked’. [Read more →]

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Why Oil Could be the One Commodity to Defy the Doom…

Why Oil Could be the One Commodity to Defy the Doom…

There’s always some corner of the market that’s making money for investors.

Even in the tough times, when all the ink seems to be in the red, you can still track down a trade with a bit of good old-fashioned detective work.

It may be more challenging than usual in today’s resource sector – but good opportunities still lurk out there.

The first place to start looking is in the energy sector. Even as the small resources index had a horror fall of 63% over the last eighteen months, one of my energy tips, Sundance Energy (SEA), went the other way, letting us lock in a gain of 63%.

But that’s not all. There are plenty more energy opportunities out there too… [Read more →]

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Uranium Stocks to Give TSX Venture Investors Hope.

It’s been more than two years since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster and it’s amazing the sentiment shift we are starting to see toward nuclear power once again. Time can heal anything.

Looking Back

Prior to the disaster in Japan, nuclear power was gaining rapidly in popularity globally. There were dozens of nuclear plants either in development or being planned prior to March 2011. And uranium stocks were once again in a bull market, led by many that traded on the TSX Venture.

After the disaster in Japan, the lights went out on nuclear power and uranium stocks collapsed. Uranium exploration stocks lost, on average, roughly 65% within 6 months of March 2011.

Flash forward to July 2013 and sentiment is turning bullish toward nuclear power and uranium stocks once again, which we believe will be the continuation of a long-term bull market for the commodity and sector.

With the global focus shifting to cleaner and cheaper power, natural gas and uranium are two very obvious choices. [Read more →]

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Natural Gas Stocks are About to Reprise an All-Star Performance.

Natural Gas Stocks are About to Reprise an All-Star Performance

Everyone likes a good comeback story where large obstacles are overcome on the way to a favourable outcome.

And we’re about to see one in the investment world…

The shale gas boom seemed to be a disaster for the natural gas industry as the price of natural gas plummeted over a five-tear period to reach a multi-year low below $2 per million BTU in April 2012.

But as Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors forecast, natural gas prices have rebounded with a vengeance since then. The price has more doubled (trading at about $3.80 now) since that bottom last spring, becoming this year’s top performing commodity. Nat gas hit a 20-month high of $4.43 per million BTU in April.

That trend of steady to rising prices is likely to continue thanks to increasing demand.

These factors, often pointed out by Moors, include the switchover by utilities from coal-fired power to gas-fired power, the start of exports soon of liquefied natural gas, and increased demand from industries such as the chemical industry.

And the trend is huge news for natural gas stocks, and their investors – especially when you look at what happened nearly 10 years ago… [Read more →]

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